WhatsApp will Allow you to Add Contacts Using a QR code

The WhatsApp messaging application is testing a way to add contacts through the use of QR codes.

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The WhatsApp messaging application is testing a way to add contacts through the use of QR codes. The option, found in a trial version for iOS, will also be available in Android versions of the application. This feature has been discovered by WABetaInfo, the portal that is dedicated to studying the beta versions of WhatsApp.

“QR codes allow an application to receive information by simply scanning them with the phone’s camera: profiles, links to web pages, telephone numbers…”

Apparently, each user will have their own QR code that they can share with other users. Anyone can scan the QR code with the phone’s camera. WhatsApp will add the contact automatically when reading the code and fill in all the contact information.

In addition, users can delete the QR code so that it can not be used indefinitely. In this way if, for promotional reasons, the code has been placed in some type of advertising, it may be “deactivated” so that other users can not add a contact through the code.

WhatsApp is also testing a feature that will allow you to add new contacts directly from the app. This would facilitate the process of adding someone, since it would eliminate the need to save a phone number first in the terminal’s calendar so that WhatsApp can add it to its database.

There is still no date for the output of these functions for all users, but without a doubt, these are two options that will make adding new contacts much faster.

WhatsApp is not the only application that will use QR codes to find other users. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger also have their own QR code system to add new contacts. Even Linkedin allows you to add QR codes to the profile.


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