How to Create Better Stories on Instagram

Instagram Stories have been the last major revolution in the social media sector.

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Instagram Stories have been the last major revolution in the social media sector. Other platforms have copied this format of ephemeral content publication -which Instagram copied to Snapchat- and thousands of companies use this medium to contact their clients.

Since its inception, there are many tricks that are known to make these publications stand out above the rest and have aroused the interest of several analysts. In that sense, the companies Buffer and Delmondo have joined efforts to carry out the largest research on Instagram Stories to date.

“The recommended number of frames in a Story is seven.”

To carry out the report, 15,000 Stories of the 200 leading companies with an Instagram profile have been analyzed and these are some of its main conclusions:

  • Duration: One of the most interesting data is the exact quantification of the optimal number of frames for a Storie: seven. In publications with more frames, 70% of users do not finish the viewing.


However, it should be noted that this is not a general rule. It depends on the audience to which the Story is directed, the behavior of the users will vary, for that reason it is necessary that each company analyze the results of its publications. But in general lines it can be concluded that the ephemeral contents the shorter the better.

  • Simplicity of content. Another fact that stands out is the effectiveness of simple content. According to Buffer, the British newspaper The Guardian was surprised to realize that the Stories that contained simple graphics and explanatory videos were much more successful on Instagram than those contents that carried out an in-depth study on a subject.

instastory 2

  • Hours of publication: Regarding the effectiveness of the schedules, the study shows that the hours with the highest rate of viewing completion correspond to leisure time. Unlike Facebook or Twitter statistics, which indicate a greater audience in office hours, Instagram Stories have a greater impact outside of work, so the best hours, at least in principle, are those that coincide with the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  • Frequency: On the other hand, according to the report, companies publish, on average 10.4 stories per month. However, it is expected that, as the success of these contents as a means of communicating with their clients grows, the frequency of brand Stories will increase, approaching the daily publication.

frequency story