Sports’ Brands With More Followers in Social Networks

Social media is one of the main showcases that companies have to promote their products and services.

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Social media is one of the main showcases that companies have to promote their products and services. The companies that operate in sports know this and take care of their presence in these platforms. In this post we list sports brands on social networks with the largest number of followers.

Nike and Adidas are the main sports brands in social networks

Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armor and Reebok make up the top five. They are the ones with the highest audience on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is clear from the analysis carried out by TreceBits, taking as reference the two main profiles of each of them. And is that this type of brands diversify their presence in social networks in more than one account: the main and other secondary. In addition, the five concentrate most of their audience on Facebook and Instagram.


The sports brand with the highest audience is Nike, with 206.4 million followers among Twitter (11.1 million), Facebook (76.6) and Instagram (118.6). The American multinational has two main profiles ‘Nike’ and ‘Nike Football’. However, its presence on these platforms is so extensive that it exceeds 300 million if all its profiles are taken into account, according to an Apple Tree Communications report.

The second position is for Adidas, with 127 million. This amount is distributed in 7.53 million on Twitter, 67.3 on Facebook and 52.2 on Instagram. Its two most popular profiles are ‘Adidas’ and ‘Adidas Classics’. The same report places Nike and Adidas among the five brands with the most audience in social networks in a list of 50 companies.

Puma is placed in third place through its main profile and ‘Puma Football’. Both profiles reach 36.7 million users, which are broken down into 2.2 on Twitter, 22.85 on Facebook and 11.6 on Instagram. The German company thus exceeds the fourth classified, Under Armor, which remains with 20.3 million. This figure comes from his general profile and ‘Under Armor Basketball’. It is broken down into 1.04 million on Twitter, 10.92 on Facebook and 8.3 on Instagram.

The fifth place is for Reebok, a brand owned by the German Adidas group. In this case he has 14.8 followers on Twitter (947,000), Facebook (10.3) and Instagram (3.5), adding the audience of his general profile and ‘Reebok Classic’.

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