Facebook Messenger Allows the Elimination of Sent Messages

Facebook Messenger users will receive the possibility to delete their sent messages.

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Facebook Messenger users will receive the possibility to delete their sent messages. This option had only been available to some senior executives of the company, among whom was Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, who deleted messages sent in 2014 through Messenger. Now, the option begins to reach the rest of users.

“Facebook launches the function in four countries: Poland, Colombia, Lithuania and Bolivia.”

It is a phased release, so for the moment it is only available in the following countries: Poland, Colombia, Lithuania and Bolivia. These countries today have received the function, known as “Remove for Everyone”, for both iOS and Android.

From Facebook they say that the plan is to launch the function worldwide as soon as possible. In addition, do not rule out adding additional options such as adding an expiration date to messages to be deleted after a certain period.

The option allows you to delete any message sent in both conversations. When you delete a message, a warning appears to make it clear that the message has been deleted. Even so, to avoid abuses and for perpetrators to erase their fingerprints, the deleted messages will remain on the Facebook servers for some time in case a user reports them.

The possibility of someone sending messages against Facebook policies and then using the delete option to leave no content for which they can be reported is something that worries the social network. On the other hand, the fact that users have more control over what they send is positive, since there are many legitimate causes why a user would want to delete a sent message.

There is still no confirmed date for the premiere of Remove for Everyone in the rest of the world, but it is logical to imagine that it will soon be extended to all other users.