Facebook Will Allow the French Government to Investigate its Algorithm

Facebook will give the French government access to its discourse moderation algorithm.

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Facebook will give the French government access to its discourse moderation algorithm. In an unprecedented event, the social network will cooperate with the French authorities, who will carry out an informal investigation of the internal processes of the company.

“The research will focus on knowing the operation of automated moderation tools.”

Nick Clegg, former British deputy prime minister and current vice president for World Affairs and Communications of Facebook, was in charge of announcing this agreement at a reception that took place at the Elysee Palace. The announced collaboration is the result of conversations that the representatives of both sides have been holding since last May.

During his speech, Clegg stressed that the coregulation between companies and the state is one of the key aspects of the sector. On the part of the French executive, they consider that this model of cooperation is the most appropriate, distancing itself from the methods used by other states such as China.

Those responsible for carrying out the research on the moderation process of Facebook will mainly analyze four aspects: what is the reporting mechanism of a publication, how Facebook identifies inappropriate content, what are the parameters to determine if it is inappropriate or not and what are the effects of content removal.

It has not yet been decided who will be in charge of investigating this process, but the main candidates are the French telecommunications regulator (ARCEP), the government technical team (DINSIC) and the radio and television regulator (CSA).

At first, this analysis, despite having an informal nature, seeks to get to the bottom of the operation of Facebook’s algorithms, not only see how the teams responsible for moderation work, focusing on the tools used to automatic

It has been precisely this informality that has encouraged Facebook to allow the entry of French authorities into its kitchen, but it is not ruled out that greater collaborations will be carried out among those involved.