What is the Crawl Budget?

When we talk about SEO, it usually comes to mind aspects such as keywords, content, On Page elements (goals, headings, images, etc.) among SEO factors.


When we talk about SEO, it usually comes to mind aspects such as keywords, content, On Page elements (goals, headings, images, etc.) among SEO factors. That is to say, the first thing we usually think about is elements that are aimed at the optimization of queries, leaving aside very important aspects such as the optimization of the crawl budget that search engines assign us.

That’s exactly what today’s post is about. In this article we will explain the bases to understand everything related to this topic and in future posts we will go deeper into the topic to optimize your sites for Googlebot.

What is a crawler?

Although many of you already know how Google works, it is interesting to do a review before entering the subject.

Have you ever wondered how Google finds a website? The main search engines use web crawlers, henceforth crawlers, to achieve this goal. A crawler is nothing more than a small piece of software that navigates the Internet following all the links it finds in order to collect all the information of the pages it has visited and store it on its servers. From there, they sort all this information according to some parameters and save it in their index and then show it to the users. Although it may seem simple, this process is more complex than it seems.

How have you noticed, when talking about search engines, I always refer to Google and, in part, this is normal since in Spain it is the most widely used search engine by far. For this reason we are going to center the explanation a bit more in the Google crawler, which is none other than Googlebot.

In the end, Googlebot is not just a crawler because Google uses several crawlers on a regular basis to find information. This fact is necessary to take into account since each of these crawlers usually focuses on a type of information: news, images, video, mobile, etc.

In the following link you can find a table listing all the trackers of Google.

What is the Budget crawl?

Now that everyone knows how searchers work, we can go one step further. Although it may seem a lie, Google’s resources are finite. For this reason, Google assigns its crawlers some time, henceforth crawl budget, to track each website. And that is the crux of the matter. Based on the authority, accessibility, quality and speed of the site Google will allocate more or less time for these robots to track their different pages.

And now the million dollar question.

Why is the Budget crawl important for SEO?

It may be that the crawl Budget that Google assigns to its crawlers to crawl a website is not enough for them to visit regularly some pages of the site. If this occurs, it is likely that these pages do not position as well as we would like, since, in my experience, I have observed that those pages that are tracked more often receive more organic traffic than those that do not receive the visit of a Googlebot.