Facebook Wants to Cash In With Influencers

Marketing with influencers has become one of the great elements of fashion in recent times, the tool that has become the protagonist of the studies, recommendations and interests of those responsible for marketing.

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Marketing with influencers has become one of the great elements of fashion in recent times, the tool that has become the protagonist of the studies, recommendations and interests of those responsible for marketing. The influencers have conquered this position of elements that arouse so much interest for a set of reasons. On the one hand, traditional advertising has shown symptoms of exhaustion. On the other hand, it is increasingly difficult to reach consumers in social networks. And, finally, influencers allow not only to solve those problems, but also to do it in a way that consumers receive in a positive way and in which they trust.

Therefore, the influencers have been growing in power and interest and, as they have done so, the derived industry has also grown. Of course, suddenly everyone has seemed to want to become influencers and the profile of the influencer gorrĂ³n has been born, which only proclaims itself influencer to try to get free things from brands, companies and stores. In fact, several scandals and several viral starred by hotels and restaurants have made the role of these influencers much more questioned (and has also had a rather negative effect on influencers in general).

But not only movements have been made within the influencers themselves and the aspirants to it, but also has created an industry that wants to monetize the marketing boom with influencers in other ways. Since connecting with influencers is not easy and given that many times companies and brands do not really know what to do with them and how to do it, the tools to unite brands and companies with the influencer on duty have begun to appear. Each one makes use of what makes them stronger to try to position themselves in this market. There are those who use their power as analytical tools, who are like directories of influencers … And now there is Facebook.

Facebook could also be working to get its own slice of marketing with influencers becoming a way of connection between them.

How the tool works

As discovered by AllFacebook, the company is working – at least internally – on its own platform for influencers, which would purge Facebook Creator users to establish lists of influencers. As The Next Web publishes, based on what the German media publishes, Facebook will offer marketers a platform that will allow them to find the influencers that best fit their brand.

The tool is called Branded Content Matching and allows not only look for influencers and create listings of them, but also suggests the most appropriate influencers. The platform has three services. One is search, which allows you to find creators according to criteria of audience and demography. Another is from saved lists, which gives more information about those influencers that have been saved as interesting. And, finally, there is the suggestion of creators, which simply suggests creators that may be of interest.

Why Facebook enters into this

The movement would not be so surprising. Facebook, after all, had already given some clues that I was working on something of this style. The company had pointed out months ago, as the American media now reminds, that it was going to “explore two new monetization tools for creators”. Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch, in addition, the existence of tests of the search tool in question, which only works for Facebook and not even for Instagram.

But also the movement is explained very well taking into account two more issues. On the one hand, Facebook wants content creators to take their platform in the field of videos seriously, as it is competing directly with YouTube and wants to eat ground. If you want to beat YouTube, you have to offer clear ways to monetize the content and must provide a context in which creators are aware of uploading things on their platform.

In addition, Facebook wants to make it also box. Influencers are moving more and more money in advertising and Facebook also wants its share of the pie.


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