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What Consumers Value From Their Favorite Online Stores

What is it that online stores have to take into account when it comes to reaching consumers? The list of tips and highlights that are valued among what ecommerce can do accumulates many points.

There is the fact that it allows consumers to buy at any time and from any place, there is the one that can access a much more complete and varied offer or that there are products that in other scenarios are much more difficult to find.

Consumers value this and buy online for it, but they also expect certain features of their favorite online stores and also want them to stand out in other areas. This is what a study, developed by Smart Assistant and ResearchScape on a sample of consumers from several countries, has just shown, and has asked why they prefer some online stores over others.

The importance of trust

The first thing consumers want is for the company in question to be reliable. According to the data of the study, the main issue that buyers consider about online stores is that it arouses confidence.

Three quarters of respondents say that being able to trust their favorite online store is very important in their purchasing habits and their consumption decisions. Confidence is even more crucial in some specific markets, such as the United States, where it is positioned above the average.

But although that is what matters most to consumers, it is not the only thing that can be converted into a key and it is not the only thing that these companies have to take into account. Online stores have to be able to position themselves in other areas.

The online store is something more

Thus, consumers want stores to offer advice and be honest with them. This is what 68% of average consumers point out (in the UK, the figure rises to 80%).

They also want online stores to solve their doubts quickly (66%), to be able to proactively offer advice and recommendations (44%) or to know their consumption preferences beforehand (32%). In short, it could be said that consumers want companies to offer them a personalized and quality shopping experience.

In addition, consumers expect that ecommerce players become a kind of expert guides and specialized in consumer matters. They want them to be an extra and positive element that helps them position themselves better in the face of purchases and products. Thus, 86% say that it is important that online stores give expert advice and that they become a source of recommendations on the products they sell.

The ecommerce has to work therefore to offer a service of customer service of quality and more and more and more complete. It needs to cover all the demands that consumers have and that buyers expect to cover.

What Consumers Value From Their Favorite Online Stores
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