3 Trends That Will Mark What the CMOs Will Do in 2019

What matters to the top marketing managers and what is the focus of your agenda and your list of concerns?

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What matters to the top marketing managers and what is the focus of your agenda and your list of concerns? If you analyze what marketing managers have done in recent times and what has become the decisive element from which they act and from which they configure their decisions and strategies, the customer experience would be the key to answering To the question. CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) have understood that consumer experiences were decisive and that they had to position themselves in that area if they wanted to connect with audiences. If they wanted to connect with the consumer, they had to offer memorable and unique experiences, positive experiences.

But the consumer experience has become something already ‘too 2018’. When you think about what your agenda will mark in the immediate future and what will focus your decision-making in the coming months, the range has to be opened. An analysis by Forrester has determined what will be the trends that will mark what the CMOs do and the elements on which they will base their decisions and actions.

The three trends also have one element in common, closely linked to what is happening right now. Uniting and working in all three allows brands and companies to improve the customer experience and connect with consumers in a completely different way. The final effect will be, therefore, very close to the initial concern. Therefore, what mattered has not stopped doing so. It has just become much more complex.

The customer experience will become the definitive argument that the CMOs will use

How can the management of the company listen to them and take into account their complaints, their concerns and the guidelines they believe should be followed and complied with? The key will be in the customer experience. This is what the CMO will use as a not-so-secret weapon to achieve the cooperation of the other managers and thus to position itself in the areas in which it needs to improve. As you recall in Forrester’s analysis, in a market in which consumers no longer separate experience marketing, it does not make sense to maintain silos or structures of the past. The CMO not only has to have power, but also has to get the executive to support the things that not only have but must do.

The CMO will have an increasingly critical view of technology

“CMOs will realize that marketing technology and consumers are incompatible.” That is what Forrester’s analysis says in an exact way. Technology is increasingly important in the universe of marketing and in the decisions made by those responsible for the companies. Technology is used for everything and technology is left in the hands of technology more and more. These tools follow the consumer and accumulate data, manage to profile the advertising and put the ads everywhere.

But this is also achieving a not very positive reaction among consumers, who are increasingly critical of what happens with their data and who feel increasingly uncomfortable in the face of the situation. Therefore, the top marketing managers will have to be more and more demanding with what they do with technology and how it is used. In 2019 they will have to demand from the martech industry solutions that allow real experiences for consumers, but also that they respect what they want and expect.

The classic elements of tension will be keys to reach consumers

Or what is the same, instead of using those new and disruptive elements that technology has created (smartphones, geolocation…) now the CMOs will return to the basics, to the point of departure and to the essence. They will focus on the basic elements. They will use the cultural tensions and the disruptions they create to launch their messages and to position themselves before consumers. Let’s say that once technology has become habitual and the consumer is a mature user of it, its disruption is less and less noticeable and consumers expect more.


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