Google is the Company with the Best Reputation

In these times, reputation is practically everything for companies. Companies need to have a very good public image and they have to awaken a lot of emotions among their consumers, including trust.

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In these times, reputation is practically everything for companies. Companies need to have a very good public image and they have to awaken a lot of emotions among their consumers, including trust. They have to be able to trust the company in question, especially as the relationship between consumers and businesses becomes closer. In the world of data, personalized services and being always connected, companies are increasingly closer to the consumer and have more and more information about them. Therefore, it is more important than ever that companies are able to awaken that sense of confidence, because the consumer will not feel comfortable with them if they do not trust them.

Added to this are other elements that help to shape the image of brands and companies and that allow establishing that (good) reputation. There is also the impact of companies on society, their relationship with current issues, the quality of their products or the impact they have on the environment. The list is increasingly expanding and companies have to keep up to date to be able to meet all the expectations of their audience.

But who are doing it well? The latest global reputation study comes from the Reputation Institute, which has analyzed how different companies are viewed globally and which are the ones that stand out most prominently in this field. According to his conclusions, right now Google is the company that is doing it the best. The giant is the one who has the best reputation in terms of corporate responsibility around the world. The company managed to climb these leading positions despite the fact that, in general, technology companies have lost in terms of reputation from one year to the next.

Google, the company with the best reputation

In general, that industry lost 3.9 points in reputation as good workspaces, 2.9 in values ​​of citizenship and 2.7 in government. In the average, technology companies lost 3.1 points. Google helped her to maintain her dominant position on her work policy. “It was successful in other dimensions, but the differentiating element was the scope of work,” explains the person responsible for the study. Consumers see Google workers as people with a purpose and also feel that Google is a fair employer, in which there is equal opportunity. That helped the company in its global reputation.

The question now is whether Google will be able to maintain that reputation and that dominant position. The company has just put the final lock on Google +, its attempt to enter the social media market (without success). The closure of Google + however has nothing to do with its limited success, but in that it became at a given moment in a security hole for Google. The management of the security failure has been somewhat criticized. The problem has been active between 2015 and 2018 and has allowed access to data of 500,000 users. Google did not tell the world anything until now.

Given that consumers are increasingly sensitive to what happens with their data and the information that companies treasure about them (and that information scandals have taken an expensive toll on Facebook in the last year), it could be expected that Google’s reputation is affected by it. However, the expert of the Reputation Institute believes that, although we must wait to see what happens, Google has managed to have enough room for maneuver and that the problem will not have a very high impact.

Lego and its position in reputation

After Google, the study positions a quite varied range of companies. Not all are popular for all consumers, but being a global study is quite common that the results are varied. Lego is the second brand with the best reputation in the world, followed by Natura, Novo Nordisk, Microsoft, Bosch, Canon, Michelin and Ikea.

In the European case, as demonstrated by the regional edition that the same organization did previously, Lego is the big winner in reputation, advancing in this case also to Google. The corporate responsibility strategy and its sense of purpose made Lego the most valued company in Europe.