How to Increase Sales on Black Friday From Your Mobile App

If you have not yet marked the date of November 23 on your calendar, it is time to do so. Black Friday gives the starting signal to start advancing Christmas shopping. A key date to attract consumers. Are you ready?

Each year Black Friday is longer, the discounts and promotions that were initially only valid on the fourth Friday of November are extended in days. Consumers have more and more time to take advantage of all the offers that are presented and you to get their attention!

Best of all … Black Friday is also on your smartphone! All the more reason to start developing a strategy for attracting users. And at ARDE, the agency of experts in App Marketing, they know how to get the most out of any mobile application. In addition, having a good recruitment strategy will help you meet one of the main objectives of Black Friday, have more potential users for Christmas shopping.

You just have to give the audience what they ask

The m-commerce continues to grow, and this is thanks to mobile applications. Yes, we Spaniards love to buy via app, only in Spain there are more than 22 million users of mobile apps. Do you think it is a weak argument to start an app marketing strategy? Well, there is more.

In 2018, 58% of online sales were made through a smartphone. The experience of buying users in an application is totally different from what they have in a mobile website. Although the dynamics are similar, the apps offer greater comfort and better usability when making our purchases. That’s why we’re addicted!

It is already clear that consumers will buy via app, now you just have to put it easy! And this is where App Marketing plays its role. The operation is simple; Consumers will be looking for you to start making purchases and you will be there for them.

Why is a recruitment strategy important for your app on Black Friday

The apps are the perfect tool to make users loyal, and … did you know that the loyal users generate the most income? You are right! But before loyalty, you have to capture. And Black Friday is the perfect excuse to attract your potential users. How? With offers and exclusive promotions of the application that, in addition to increasing your sales on this special day, once you have your application, you can start your loyalty strategy. Black Friday is not only an investment of a specific campaign, but also a campaign focused on attracting quality users who, knowing how to retain them, can generate a lot of value for Christmas, there is nothing left!

A good recruitment strategy is based on finding the best means in which to promote your app to locate your target and get quality users. Searching them is not easy, and that is why there are different strategies so that everything you invest will be as profitable as possible.

A campaign like Black Friday is ideal for this type of strategy since you can use incentives that help potential users see the benefit of your application, download it and even get to perform some kind of action such as a registration, a Buy … The users are very grateful, and we all like to be clear to us what I am going to achieve if I do what you are asking me, in this case, download an app and buy. If we see the direct benefit, it will be much easier.

It may sound simple, but in a recruitment strategy we must be very clear about who we are going to, how and when, and above all, where we are going to focus and how we are going to make the investment generate profit. Do you already know how to do it well?