Gnosis: One of the Most Dangerous Sects In The World

They say that faith moves mountains. Believing is for many a reason for hope, something that gives strength and provides an explanatory framework of reality and the universe and that, although there may be divergences at times, they usually aim at their deepest base to offer peace of mind and the exercise of goodness and compassion (although sometimes they have been used in a utilitarian way). And there are many religious beliefs that exist in the world.

However, not all of them have a positive orientation: there are many sects that try to take advantage of those who fall into their hands. One of them is Gnosis, a dangerous sect that has recently received a high level of media attention after the disappearance in 2017 of a young woman from Alicante, Patricia Aguilar. It is on this sect that this article deals with.

Gnosis: what is it?

Gnosis receives the name of a collective that defines itself as a movement but is also considered a dangerous sect. This organization was founded by Víctor Manuel Gómez, a healer and writer of books on esotericism, in 1954. During that year, he declared that he was an incarnation of Samael (an angel fallen from the Bible) and that he had come to the world to expand his word.

This man took the name of Samael Aun Weor and began to preach his beliefs, which are based on the practice of the Great Arcanum and sexual magic within marriage (rejecting onanism, climax or homosexuality among other things) and retakes some of the Gnostic beliefs (in fact, it also takes the name to apply it to the sect in question) that arose during the first centuries of Christianity. His followers went expanding little by little, and after his death they were distributed by different countries.

What do you believe?

The members of Gnosis consider themselves the invisible church of Jesus Christ and defend following a doctrine or ideological current that seeks the self-realization of the being and the development of all human possibilities through the evolution of the psyche, the soul and the body. It also considers itself a scientific school that aims to regenerate humanity in all possible areas, and contribute and expand scientific, artistic, mystical and philosophical knowledge (considering that these four are the pillars of knowledge).

Among some of his most notorious beliefs, he stresses that they consider soul salvation not through faith but through introspective knowledge of what is divine: for them, redemption is something personal and requires forgetting and leaving everything behind to reach the goal. knowledge, this being a sacrifice they must make. Likewise, they distinguish between essence, personality and ego (against which one must fight) as the main components of the human being. On the other hand, Gnosis defends the aforementioned sexual magic, which should not reach orgasm.

Patricia Aguilar’s case

Although Gnosis has existed for many years and is widely spread in several countries (including Colombia, where it originated, Peru or Spain), the truth is that if it has recently been under the spotlight of media attention it is due to the case of a disappearance: the one of the Alicante Patricia Aguilar.

This young woman disappeared at eighteen years of age, in 2017, and numerous documents and annotations linked to the group were found in her room and newspapers. Later it was discovered that he had traveled to Peru, by the hand of Felix  Manrique.

This man, who claimed to be a spiritual leader of the Gnosis group, seduced the young woman in a way similar to that used by many sects: in a vulnerable moment after the death of a relative and when she was still a minor, she began to contact she because of the young woman entering an esoteric blog to tell a dream. Little by little, she would begin to establish an ever deeper relationship, in which she would encourage her to believe in finding salvation and in which she even ended up making the young woman leave her home to flee to Peru.

There Manrique, who considered needing women to repopulate the Earth after an upcoming apocalypse and had maintained contact with numerous young people, kept her with him and two other women and their children and left her pregnant, having a daughter with her. Their conditions were terrible: when they were found both Patricia and the baby were malnourished and surrounded by filth. Fortunately, the girl is currently located and back in Spain with her baby, while the man who used her is in custody.

Gnosis version about the case

Felix Steven Manrique claimed to be a spiritual leader linked to Gnosis, but his representatives claim that although he was linked to the sect he was soon expelled because of his mythomaniac character. In fact, he was not a leader but an initiate who was only in the group for a few months.

Now, Gnosis indicates that the man falsified material of the sect for his own purposes, establishing also that he is going to interpose a demand for identity theft and he is separated from the actions of the person in charge of manipulating the young woman from Alicante.