What Google Search Console Is and How to Link it to Your Website

In the Internet world we are pretty obsessed, and quite rightly, with SEO and positioning in Google.


In the Internet world we are pretty obsessed, and quite rightly, with SEO and positioning in Google. After all, those of Mountain View have become the great global monopoly of web searches and even have their own verb, googling. Given the situation is surprising that Google Search Console is a tool that goes so unnoticed. But rest assured, today I will explain what it is for.

Essentially, it is a free service that allows you to see how Google sees your site, if you view it correctly, see which pages you have indexed and which ones are not, and even index the new content yourself, so you do not have to wait for the robots do the work.

What allows you to do Google Search Console

  • Check that Google can access your content.
  • Send new content to track it.
  • Remove the content that you do not want to show in the search results.
  • Create and monitor content that offers visually appealing search results.
  • Perform the maintenance of your site with minimal interruptions.
  • Solve malware and spam problems
  • Check possible problems with SEO on page.
  • Checking queries have made your site appear in search results.
  • Analyze which of them directed more traffic to your site.
  • Check if your products, your information and your events are highlighted in the search results
  • Analyze which sites link to your website.
  • Check the performance in mobile search engines.

How to link it to your website

Linking your web page and the console is very simple, and according to what hosting service it can be even more. To do this you only have to enter Google Search Console and login with your Google account. If you already have linked Google Analytics and your website, the process will be almost automatic. Otherwise, Google will suggest the simplest method for your website.

For example, it can detect your hosting and if this allows it with entering your username and password, the property will be checked automatically. In any case, practically all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen.

Of course, a major problem at this point is that you must establish a property for each variant that you have of the domain, with the triple W or without it, with http or https … that is, depending on how you have it configured you could have to configure it separately:

At the moment Google has not fixed this inconvenience even with the new format of the console that has recently released, so when you have configured the first one do not give the process finished.

Activate notifications by email

One of the most interesting points of Google Search Control is the possibility of receiving notices of problems, such as the appearance of 404 pages, broken links, problems with the server or attacks of malware or spam. But for this, the most convenient thing is to configure the notifications by email, so that you will save visits to the console and you will receive it at once. To do this, click on the wheel you will see in the top right and click on Google Search Console preferences and activate them.

A forgotten tool

Although it is a Google tool and free, and can help us improve our SEO positioning and visibility in the Holy Grail of Internet, Search Control seems a bit forgotten compared to others, and that makes many pages do not take advantage to the maximum its possibilities, taking time to index new content or indexing obsolete or uninteresting pages, as a legal notice.

I hope this post has helped you to discover this tool and to start exploiting it.