What Is an Airdrop?

I am convinced that you have heard the term airdrop many times in the world of cryptocurrencies. Find out more within this post!

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I am convinced that you have heard the term airdrop many times in the world of cryptocurrencies. Find out more within this post!

An airdrop consists in distributing a series of cryptocurrencies among a group of people in a free way. Obviously no one gives anything for nothing and this was not going to be an exception. The airdrops fit perfectly with the blockchain culture, where the projects are defined and grow through the effort and coordination between several people. An airdrop will allow you to earn cryptocurrencies as long as you collaborate in the growth of the project.

Imagine that you have a blockchain project in which it is essential to achieve a minimum critical mass of dissemination to, at first, get funding. Your proposal could be: I reserve a number of cryptocurrencies to distribute among people who want to broadcast a message that interests me. This message could be a very special offer (a big discount) for the first investors who trust in the project. We could spread this message in our social networks, for example, in order to get cryptocurrencies. The company responsible for the blockchain project will verify that we have published the messages and will deliver the cryptocurrencies in the wallet that has been defined for the occasion. This is a very useful way to publicize a project without the need for entrepreneurs to devote an extra budget.

One of the things that I am most passionate about this concept is the scenario of involvement of intermediaries, people who commit to launch promotional messages. They receive the first cryptocurrencies of the project and, therefore, are the first interested in the project to move forward, grow and soak in value in order to see the price of these cryptocurrencies grow. Imagine that Bitcoin had made an airdrop and they had given you some Bitcoins years ago…