How to Create Work Teams in Data Science

In the era of Big Data it very important to be trained in the technical area and in the entrepreneurial aspect. It consists in knowing how to choose the appropriate profiles when one has the responsibility to do it and in how to direct them.

It is key to be able to visualize the talent and suitability of a person for the very specific positions required by the Data Science teams, since it will be the great differential factor for the digital transformation of the company to take place successfully.

We have already talked in the blog about the importance of data and its management for companies and institutions nowadays, but in this text we are going to delve into the human component, since it is as transcendental as the technology itself so that they can be interpreted efficiently and productively.

“The team of professionals that is able to get the most out of such data through their personal and professional skills makes the difference in a very competitive environment.”

Learn to create teams in Data Science

It is not easy to create a Data Science team from scratch, that is why, when companies  start their digitalization process, prefer to mix internal talent with the support of external consultants.

This can be a successful measure or not depending on each case, but the natural process is to train specialized teams that provide true differential value to the company.

It is clear that the technical profile has to prevail over the rest of the characteristics, but the usual process in the selection of such a specific field is to find highly qualified and prepared candidates. Do not forget about soft skills, that will lead to a high performance team.

Therefore, it is important to look at the added value. Of course, the budget with which one has to build your team will be differential. Therefore, there are basically two options:

If your budget is limited: look for better multidisciplinary profiles.

If your budget is broad (which would be ideal but it is not common): look for different highly specialized profiles that cover the following characteristics.

Product analysis

It is very interesting to incorporate to the company a profile within the Data Science team that is capable of integrating the numerous possibilities offered by new technologies and Big Data to product and market analysis.

For example, there are already many companies that, thanks to their Data Science experts, use the data to understand the specific circumstances of the market and find solutions. They do this, for example, through direct feedback from their customers thanks to the development of applications and services that allow them to interact directly with them.

Business intelligence

The Data Science teams are fundamental supports for the decision making of a company, as they help the business managers to understand what is happening in the market thanks to the study, monitoring and interpretation of the large amounts of available data.

Therefore, you must have an expert profile in making business decisions, not only have an outstanding technical background.

Expert in digital security

It is one of the most demanded profiles within the Data Science and it is not for less because the dangers appear in all the sites and also its attack capacity is remarkable, very harmful.

This type of professionals have high value for the company because it safeguards their domains, and therefore is in charge of a great business and economic responsibility.

It is important to have at least a very specialized profile in this area, that in addition to knowing all the possible weaknesses to prevent attacks, be able to train continuously and in this way anticipate the evolution of the different threats.

Architecture and data engineering and maintenance of databases

These are basic features of a specialized profile in Data Science, so it is something that almost all candidates have, but the difference is that they add to this ability a commercial, business vision.

For the success of a Data Science team it is very important that their manager get a good integration with the business area, avoiding their isolation, which is something that is still happening too much.

In addition to all the technical skills and business vision they may have, it is essential to take into account all the human keys so that a team of people empathize and lubricate the engine.

It would be useless to have a varied team that covers all the needs if in the human being it is a complete disaster because the success of such a key work team, that needs to work hand in hand for the success of the company and the fulfillment of its objectives, it resides first of all in the union of forces in favor of the team.