CIO, CSO, CDO, CTO: Acronyms of High Tech Management

In this post, we will solve the hieroglyph of the most notable acronyms within the top technological Management so that you never go crazy trying to decipher it.

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In this post, we will solve the hieroglyph of the most notable acronyms within the top technological Management so that you never go crazy trying to decipher it.

Chief Digital Officer – CDO

The position of Chief Digital Officer was born fundamentally for two reasons: high competition and digital breakthroughs, which forced companies to implement a digital strategy, a transformation, in all areas of the business. Therefore, the ideal profile isĀ a person with leadership and persuasive skills, which brings these entrepreneurial qualities a creative and innovative vision and of course a very high knowledge of everything that surrounds the technological world.

The initials CDO also refer to the specific position of Chief Data Officer, a very specific position that has a transcendent capital in the companies of the XXI century. He is responsible for corporate strategy in relation to data and information, both from the offensive point of view (policies of exploitation of the same) and defensive (protection). A great example to understand the importance of the position is the figure of Chema Alonso, CDO of Telefonica, maximum responsible for the cybersecurity of the company and the entire Big Data strategy among other functions.

Chief Information Officer – CIO

The Chief Information Officer is the main responsible for the information technology systems of the corporation. Its specific tasks are, among others, to analyze the benefits that the company can obtain from the new technologies, and therefore to bet on those that in their opinion will be more profitable for the business activity carried out by your company. Above all, it must manage the agility of the internal processes until they are improved so that the general operation is as effective as possible.

Chief Technology Officer – CTO

In this case, the acronym duplicates the position because it coincides both with the Chief Technology Officer and with the Chief Transformation Officer. The first is a more extended position because it is responsible for everything that has to do with the execution of information systems. In some companies, the CTO and the CIO share tasks but they are not the same. In this case, the CTO is more focused on the final product and its improvement thanks to the development of the most appropriate technical strategy.

For its part, the Chief Transformation Officer is a position that has spread in companies especially fast in recent years and that is the evolution of the Chief Technology Officer.

His work is not easy because he is usually closely linked to the CEO, of which they are an extension arm. They must guarantee the fulfillment of the final objective, which is why it is closely linked to the executive part in all the company’s estates. It is not part of an independent team but it analyzes in an integral way the technological use of the company, assuring thanks to the decisions that it makes day by day, that everything evolves together. In this article of the Harvard Business Review, the evolution of CTO’s position five years ago was already discussed in detail.

Chief Sustainability Officer – CSO

Again in this case the charges for the same acronyms are duplicated, since they refer both to the Chief Sustainability Officer, the evolution of what was previously known as the director of corporate social responsibility, whose tasks revolve around sustainability, and of Chief Security Officer, which is the one that interests us in this case due to its technological scope. As its own Anglo-Saxon name indicates, it is responsible for all company security.

Occasionally, the functions coincide between some positions of high technological direction, reason why not all the organizational charts are equal, although all have more or less evident nuances that differentiate them. In this case, the CSO must combine a series of characteristics such as the business vision to not only glimpse possible risks but also to understand the needs and objectives of the same and to know in detail the needs of a normative nature, in addition to all those changes that are They also produce in this aspect to be able to anticipate them by taking the right decisions and measures at every moment to protect the company.

Other business positions

The COO (Chief Operating Officer) would be the Director of Operations, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is in charge of the finances, while the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) would be responsible for the marketing of the company, although sometimes there is also a position known as CCO (Chief Communications Officer) whose main responsibility is corporate communication.


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