Linkwheel Strategy for SEO

The Linkwheel strategy is one of the most important when you want to position yourself in the first results.


“The Linkwheel strategy is one of the most important when you want to position yourself in the first results. But do not be fooled, to build it is necessary to take into account several characteristics of it, and its relationship with Google.”

Because of its importance and the power to position yourself, it must be carefully planned so as not to raise the red alarms of Google and that it believes that you are doing a strategy that goes against all its rules. This does not suit you because to position yourself, you must have a good relationship with the search engine.

But you can have the best of both worlds. Then, so that you know how to manage it and get the most out of it, I bring you everything you need to know about this web positioning strategy that is easier than you think, but it needs important prior planning so that you can enjoy all the benefits that she brings you.

Linkwheel: a traditional strategy

Linkwheel is an SEO strategy for marketing and web positioning, it is to place the links that direct to your home page is other internet portals with the goal that people visit it and stay on your website.

Before the updates of the algorithms of Google, this strategy was highly effective and managed to position the web pages that had a wide wheel of links that pointed to the main page. This method was so popular that people sold web pages, where people placed their links to scale in Google results.

At present, this is penalized by the Google search engine, which considers this strategy as one that only deceives the users of its services. For this reason, it is necessary that if you plan to make a plan Linkwheel do it correctly without raising suspicion of the recognized company.

The proper use of the linkwheel

Using linkwheel as your SEO strategy, should not be the main thing but a complement to it. As Google is very aware of this tactic, it is important that you only put a link that directs your content on a page that is related to the theme of your portal.

Keep in mind the type of pages in which you are published, because appearing in some that were related to problems with Linkwheel will only cause Google alarms to sound and penalize your portal.

I recommend that you only use the linkwheel to create a small wheel that gives you content and domain authority. And that this resource is not the pillar of your strategy, as I mentioned earlier, use it as a complement.

Having an organic linkwheel strategy, which is the healthiest for Google, you can also do it by publishing high-quality content intelligently, advertising it on your social networks to attract public to your tickets.

When you have an audience, they will share the information you give them in opinion forums, other social networks, other blogs related to your topic, etc., your content will go viral for good. And Google will not see this as a false strategy, but as a common phenomenon that is the spreading of interesting content.

The risks of Linkwheel

Linkwheel is seriously penalized by Google to the point that you will be taken out of the indexing of the results of this search engine, and you will have to stop using your domain completely. As this is a rude consequence, this is what this company does to prevent others from taking advantage of dubious strategies that will only make the user’s experience worse on the internet.

Another consequence of using the linkwheel is the existence of toxic links, to this I mean that your links are published on a page with low Google reliability. What causes you to be here, is that your page will lose domain authority and content due to the fact of seeing you related to web pages of this type. With the passage of time, your results will not rise, rather they will lower their quality until they fall on the last page.

I am aware that all this discourages you from using this strategy in your SEO marketing plan, but you do not have to completely eradicate it. The reason for this is that there are portals that do have the trust of Google, and that you are in them will make your page is important and taken into account at the time of positioning in the results.

Pleasant Linkwheel strategy for Google

Making a Linkwheel strategy that is pleasing to Google requires that you choose the sites where your links will be published carefully. These pages with good reputation are newspapers, or digital magazines that have a reasonable promotion of external links.

To be part of them, I recommend you look for those that allow you to collaborate. An article of your authorship, where you can put at least one link that redirects to your blog, or business page. If the owners approve it, then you have a golden opportunity that you should not miss.

You have to take into account that a link with a high degree of reliability of Google is worth much more than a hundred external links purchased. This strategy is based on quality, not quantity. So for the next time you do your strategy make sure you have this in mind.

Now that you know all the secrets about the linkwheel, you will use this article as a step-by-step guide to be cautious when it comes to establishing your SEO strategy. Remember that for this plan, you must be careful with the links you choose, become a selective person so you can see results sooner rather than later.

Because being sponsored by pages that have a significant number of organic visitors, and that has the respect of Google. Your web page will quickly climb the results of the first page to appear in the first four, and who knows, able all your content becomes the first on the list.