8 Tools to Optimize your Content Marketing

Content marketing is an area that requires great help, because it is a highly creative work that needs a lot of organization and inspiration. Therefore, there are many tools that will help you in this matter.

Many of them are pages that you probably knew, but you did not imagine that they would help you with content marketing. It turns out that most of the pages are useful to get inspiration, you just have to expand the expectations we have in them.

So that you know the tools to which I refer, I invite you to read this article below where I will explain my favourite ones and why they are of great help in content marketing. So you will also streamline the work, and you will have more time to write and optimize, because you will leave minor tasks delegated to these very useful portals.


Quora is a platform of questions and answers in which people ask questions about any topic, and then be answered by other qualified users who seek to help provide the best solution.

How does it help you in content marketing? In Quora you can filter the topics of the questions that you are interested in answering. Thanks to this filter, you will consult everything your target audience has doubts, which you can answer through your content marketing.

In short, Quora will help you get new ideas to append to your value-added content. You have the advantage that this will be of interest to those who visit your blog because you created it exclusively for them, based on a real problem.


StumbleUpon helps you to know about the interests of your target audience, because through this tool you join communities presided over by people who exert an influence between people. When you open the forum, you will know the various opinions, the most popular, and those that do not please the public.

This tool is constantly interactive, and with it you will know everything that people expect from your page regarding content. It serves as inspiration if you focus on the problems that are raised there, and you seek to resolve them with publications on your website.


InboundWriter is your best friend, if you do not believe me let me explain everything that you offer to improve your content production. This tool allows you to have all your content published in one place, and it helps you to choose keywords along with the density they should be in your articles.

With this you will avoid over-optimizing it or making the optimization so vague that it does not appear in the search engines. You will have the perfect level of keywords, along with their synonyms to make it more attractive for Google Panda.


Inspiration during creative writing is not constant, and the creation of content marketing strategies often tires the mind and leaves it without ideas. So that you do not see yourself in this situation, there is Delicious.

This tool with just login will show you the latest news, and everything that people are commenting on. With what you can get content from this information, and keep your page updated with the latest content, which is likely to become viral.

Google Trends

If you want to know what you are talking about, and what is trend, you can trust the most popular search engine in the world, Google. This company offers you a tool called Google Trends, which tells you the most searched in specific areas, which will make a specialized content for your audience according to their geographical location.

What great truth? That’s right, through Google Trends you will know possibilities to create your keywords, which you will judge if they adapt to your SEO strategy. But meanwhile, you already have a lot of inspiration that your visitors offer you.

Google Keyword Planner

The keywords are one of the pillars of content marketing, inspiration is born from them, and with them help to position the content. That’s where the importance of using the right ones comes from, and this is brought to you by Google Keyword Planner.

This tool that is part of the Google family helps you choose keywords according to your website, and tells you how much traffic and competition you have. All this is useful when it’s your turn to do your positioning strategy. You will also discover new combinations that you can try in your content.


In case you need a place to store your ideas, and explore the web without entering millions of pages. Shareist is the best option, because it allows you to select all the content you find interesting on the internet, and add it to a calendar that will serve as a draft for your monthly content marketing grid.

You will receive the most recent information, you can choose the one that goes according to your theme, and establish a date in which it would be ideal to publish it. Shareist is a complete tool that allows you to save valuable time, in which you can be writing.


Evernote is the most useful tool for content creators, because regardless of whether an idea occurred to you at dawn while you were at a party, you can take out your cell phone, write it and continue celebrating.

That’s right, Evernote lets you write everything you want, and have a record of all your ideas. But not only will you have it on your cell phone, the synchronization with the cloud, and social networks allows you to access them at any time, anywhere.

I hope these tools help you to organize, inspire and optimize you as a creator and content marketing planner. You just have to try each of them until you find the one that suits all your needs, and meet your expectations.

I invite you to continue creating with them, because they allow you to have your most basic needs as editor and planner covered in one place, without leaving a tab of your browser. So you will concentrate on creating wonderful content that will leave your visitors waiting every week for your updates.