The Opinions of Clients

“Pages with customer reviews increase their sales by up to 40%. Clearly this happens because it attracts attention all that company that instead of showing interest only in the money of their customers, also is interested in them.”

People want details in the opinions, and it is up to you to look for them with satisfied customers so that you can actually create a significant impact on the community interested in you.

This is the reason why I bring this article for you, so that you learn the correct way to use the opinions of your clients in your web page without failing in the attempt. Because I think it is necessary that you know how to take advantage of this unique opportunity, if you really want to succeed in the digital world.

Clients have the key to your success.

It is in the human instinct to let ourselves be carried away by what others think of a product, or a situation. Although everyone has their own criteria, those similar to us will always have an influence on our actions. Therefore, the opinions of satisfied customers is a key to your marketing strategy.

Going deeper into the subject, when a person we know recommends a product immediately we will look for a way to acquire it if we have the urgency of it. In the event that we do not have an immediate need to buy the product, then we will wait until we see it, but yes, we will only buy the one that was recommended to us.

On the Internet, although we do not know the people who leave their opinion, we trust them because they returned to the page to leave a comment about their experience with the company, or person, with whom they treated. This interaction is worth gold if you are interested in attracting the curious of your products.

The importance is such that there are currently people who charge for this activity to write positive opinions for companies. With the aim that these gain popularity on the internet, and its image is a more reliable.

Structure of an attractive opinion

People like stories, so go ahead and tell one through the opinions. What I want to tell you with this, is that when you have the opportunity to interview a client it is important that he describe his experience from the moment he contacted you, from the shipment of the product, his impression when he arrived, the utility that gives him today. in day and how it helps you in your basic tasks, etc.

As you can see, the opinions must be full of content that allows the interested in what you offer to have an idea of ​​how you operate with respect to your company or brand, and the quality of your customer service.

But not everything is based on purchases, even things that can be seen as simple as publishing articles, will be affected by the opinions that are left in the comments, because they are able to express if the information works, and if it is useful.

I will give you a trick to get better opinions from your clients, encourage them to upload a picture of them with the product, followed by their opinion. With this, people will feel that the comment is true, and not paid.

Distribution of opinions on the website

People place customer comments everywhere, and this is at your discretion and the design of your page. However, the sites where it is vital to post comments are on the landing page, and on the blog.

The objective of placing it on the landing page is to allow people to know more about you according to the opinion of third parties. Situation that can be highly beneficial, if one takes into account the characteristics of how an opinion should be presented.

Meanwhile, the goal of including comments on the blog is to offer free sales to the opinion, where you can interact with users without any problem. In addition, you will interact with the visitors of your web page, with which you will answer your doubts and you will improve the image that you send to the public about you, and your company.

When creating a comment box, it is important that you leave the option to add a photo of them, and that they also provide you with a small personal information other than the one requested in the forms for email marketing subscriptions.

This required information should be simple as it is, the name, contact method, place where it is located and some other information such as age. By having this, you can learn more about the reaction of a specific group of people to the content you contribute to your blog.

Negative comments: positive opportunity

What can you do with the negative comments?

First, if it is not an inconvenience that the client has, respond politely to the person, second, if it is a problem that the person has, then begin to interact with them until you solve it.

After solving it, use it as an example of the ability of your company to overcome any inconvenience, which makes it highly professional and attractive to the general public that understands that they should contact you to resolve any doubts they may have regarding what they hire.

Now that you know how to use the opinions of clients in your favor, I invite you to do so by following the instructions and recommendations that I mentioned in this article. With them, you will establish yourself as a brand with a strong image based on trust and delivery with your digital audience.


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