Proper Use of Script in URL

“If you are looking for a good positioning in google you must understand the use of script very well since the SEO has more than 250 factors that can affect your positioning.”

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“If you are looking for a good positioning in google you must understand the use of script very well since the SEO has more than 250 factors that can affect your positioning.”

Therefore, if you want to obtain a good positioning continue reading this article that I assure you, it will be very Useful.

It is very important to use the script correctly, the use of the script changes, it does not have the same use in a Word document as in seo. The incorrect use of script in URL can greatly damage your website.

One of the most common errors in seo is the use of the script in URL. But how to know whether or not to use a script, or use a hyphen or script below. If these are your doubts, stay with us.

This issue is not simply a matter of aesthetics, it is one more factor of positioning that we must optimize correctly to obtain a better visualization of our website.

Proper use of script in URL

Something that ensures you a good positioning in google is simply write well, this so that people enjoy reading the content as you do now.

But writing well is not very good for search robots, if you have a web all your words in the URL must have scripts, otherwise it is a bit complicated to change it, but there are programs or plugins that can help you.

The content of your website should not only go to the users but also to the google robots known as search monitors. When we publish content of information, products and videos of value for our clients, we must publish quality content for search engines or google robots.

With quality content I mean content that is easy to detect or track, formed by script in URL.

Script function in URL

The main function of the script in the URL is simple, it replaces the function of the space, where the space should go there will be the script, the script is used to separate the words since the use of space is not allowed in URL

Example: if we have a company that sells modern furniture JG. The URL would be something like that

As we know there are two types of scripts, script and script below. Let’s try the same example, but with a script below to see how it is read.

Although the words are well separated and we can read it well still the google robot reads it as a single word

So the only way for the robot to read the URL correctly is to use the script not underlined, let’s see once more the example with the use of a script:

With the use of this script both users and google robots can read clearly and easily the product and / or service offered by the page and not a very long word without meaning.

A good reading and a good view will bring many visits to your page.

Use of script in the domain

The use of script in the domain is very important and you have to know how to use it to avoid getting hurt. We do not recommend buying a domain with a script because it is a mistake that you may not notice in the beginning, but you will see it in the short term. Both google and users, but more than anything, users associate this type of site with SPAM.

Let’s continue with the same example:

Domain with script: is associated with SPAM.

If your site or website classifies well for that keyword, it usually has a very low and small percentage of clicks, since the user as mentioned above associates that domain with SPAM

So instead of buying this:

buy this:

Having the two domains is possible, then make the automatic redirection of a visitor to your website with a script without a script.

There are two different situations that involve the script in a URL that are the domain and subfolders.

Domain: avoid script, example:

Subfolder: Always use a script. Example:

Always keep this in mind, even if URL changes are rare. It is good to keep it in mind, especially when publishing blogs and buying domains.

How do I change my URL with the wrong script?

If you already have an active website but you have noticed that the use of a script in your URL is wrong and that is possibly the reason for not having a good positioning, do not worry! It is not necessary to modify at all the URL of your website, there are plugins for WordPress that can help you to modify in a very simple way.

How much does the bad use of script in the URL hurt me?

The success of your website depends entirely on the positioning in google, and the use of script in the URL is one of the most silent death so to speak. There are many factors that affect the ranking in the search results of the keywords. Although it is not very relevant to script URLs and it is not given much importance you should not let it go unnoticed, remember that the success of your website is your success and you should take it seriously.

The search engines of googles have the ability to detect the incorrect use of script, not only fixed in the name of the URL, but also in many other factors.

And since there are many factors of SEO positioning on which we work with assumptions, we must take advantage of those on which Google has clearly manifested.