Ecological Linkbaiting

The ecological linkbaiting is what your website needs to achieve the coveted first place.


“The ecological linkbaiting is what your website needs to achieve the coveted first place.”

That’s right, although it sounds incredible, this method is the impulse that you need to gain more authority over the portals that are your competition.

To implement it in your linkbuilding and SEO strategy, you need to know what it is, what you have to do, and how it can help you. But first I want to warn you that this technique is not for anyone, and is reserved only for those willing to fight for your position for the first place in Google.

Without extending more, I invite you to read the following article to know about the ecological linkbaiting, and add it to your web positioning strategies. Once you do, I assure you that no one will be able to get you out of the top spot of Google results.

The concept of ecological linkbaiting

Ecological Linkbaiting is based on the sponsorship of government pages, activists, NGOs, universities, ministries, and related to education in general for the reason that your website is related to movements related to caring for the environment.

These pages have great authority before others, being able to give you the boost you need in your linkbuilding technique. The reason for this is that they are authorized by entities greater than them, as is the State of each country.

Google also likes to sponsor movements that favor the environment through actions, that is why it seeks to contribute its grain of sand to the cause by promoting more and more portals related to these movements.

What in summary would be that the ecological linkbaiting is to bring the attention of Google to your page through a government page or the origin that I mentioned above, but your portal must be related to pro-environment movements.

The benefits of ecological linkbaiting

Being sponsored by these pages, you have the opportunity to gain a lot of authority because they will have passed it on to you through the appointment of your link. All this with the benefit that you will not be penalized because these pages already have the respect of Google for being of such an important entity, as it is a country.

It is a win-win relationship for each side in which you look, both Google is able to give support to movements that are in favor of the environment, the pages cited comply with inform citizens everything that takes place to care for nature , and you do something positive and gain authority from your pages.

To give you a clearer picture of the benefits, the Ofertia page created a green initiative that managed to be sponsored in all the ideal portals that I mentioned earlier. When he was part of them, both his page and his initiative became extremely popular, having incredible authority in Google in a short time.

The success was such that today they use logos related to caring for the environment to sponsor their pro-environment trait. The same happened with several companies such as Geniale, and Tiendeo, which are pages related to online catalogs, and highlight in their movements the importance of taking care of trees and be aware with the use of paper for printing.

Be part of the ecological linkbaiting

Be careful, because to apply this technique you will need to have two web pages, one dedicated to ecological movements, and your main page. That’s right, you can not combine both in one because Google will not see this good eyes, and the authority that will happen to you will not be significant.

What you can do after you have your website dedicated to the ecological movement, is that from it you begin to quote your main portal. So you give your authority to your primary website, and it enjoys the benefits of your hard work.

Another option to achieve ecological linkbaiting through newspapers that publish your actions for helping to make the planet, a greener one. The advantage of these portals is that they already have great respect from Google, and an authority that exceeds any other website. Being part of them will definitely help you gain more authority in content, and in domain.


Ecological linkbaiting is an interesting option if you want to contribute to society and at the same time make yourself known. Remember that it is important that your theme is consistent with what you promote, because on the contrary it will be strange both for Google and for the people to whom you ask for sponsorship, and considering that they are mostly educational institutions.

The best way to get to know you with Google, and gain authority, is through purely healthy links that have the respect of the company and the users who visit it. To be part of your team, you must ensure that you offer interesting, quality content.

Therefore, consider doing more extensive research, translate unpublished interviews, and offer intelligent content, which is what people expect from the internet today. Because if you want to build your own community in the future, it is important that you give them the necessary information so that they stay with you.

It is important that before you let yourself be known, you have content to offer to people. Start working on your page, on its interface, and improve the user experience, so that once it takes off and begins to be known, people are impressed and wondering why they did not hear about you before.

So I invite you to start being part of this wonderful movement, which not only seeks to motivate people to be aware of their environment, but that your page with great content exists, and it is worth visiting.

As you saw, what you need is an initiative, a web page, and start executing your plan to achieve the publicity you expect, to motivate others to take action against environmental damage while improving the image of your company before the eyes of the world.