Day: October 19, 2018

The 9 Main Theories of Work Motivation

Our life is made up of a large number of areas, all of them of great importance for our development and adjustment to society. One of them is labor, through which we develop an occupation and a set of activities that help us organize our lives and generate or carry out some type of service for society.


How to Apply SEO with Images

SEO in images is a strange concept for many, but beneficial for the few who know it. Google offers several tools to offer a complete user experience to people who use this search engine.

The Opinions of Clients

Pages with customer reviews increase their sales by up to 40%. Clearly this happens because it attracts attention all that company that instead of showing interest only in the money of their customers, also is interested in them.

Proper Use of Script in URL

“If you are looking for a good positioning in google you must understand the use of script very well since the SEO has more than 250 factors that can affect your positioning.”