Types of Broken Links

A broken link is one that links us to a URL that is no longer available. It can be an internal or external problem, and every time a person clicks on it he will only find a 404 error.

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Analysis of broken links: how to find and solve them

Do you know how to detect broken links on the web? The truth is that there are several pages that do not consider that broken links are a problem but, the truth is that if you are concerned about your positioning on the web the links on your site should always point to the correct reason.

Pages that have broken links can transmit to the users a sensation of mediocrity, and it generates that the users leave your vestibule, reason why little by little the ratio of conversion is diminishing. But if this is not a sufficient reason, a page with broken links can transmit mediocrity to the search engines, which will harm your positioning.

Most of the time, in SEO strategies, it is really important that you perform any type of analysis to know if the portal is working perfectly and without problem. With these actions, you can improve the strategy and user experience on the page.

What is a broken link?

A broken link is one that links us to a URL that is no longer available. It can be an internal or external problem, and every time a person clicks on it he will only find a 404 error.

Or in any case as Google bots, it will stop in this way and stop indexing to the web. But, you must bear in mind that there is not only one type of broken link. We are going to present you the common ones:

Types of broken links

There really are not many, but you always have to take them into account:

  • HTML links: the ones you normally use when writing a post.
  • HTML image links: the images that are inserted, but you can click on them.
  • Youtube video: it happens when the video is no longer available on the platform.
  • Videos of vimeo: the same thing happens as the previous point.
  • DailyMotion videos

In the case of Youtube videos, there are other formats that are old, but are no longer used.

How can broken links be found?

The first step is to prepare a list with all the broken links that are in the portal and that have a relation between the source pages and the destination page.

For them, it is very important to use the Screaming Frog tool. This application will allow you to obtain better results in the SEO on Page analysis in the different domains, in order to have more functional reports about the broken ones, whether internal or external.

When this tool finishes doing its work you can extract the external links, you just have to press “advanded export”. The tables will show you the source landing of the link and the destination page. Solving this type of broken links really is very simple.

Another tool that lets you know the broken links is Xenu. This tool is responsible for tracking the website in search of broken links. The same as with Screaming Frog, when you have the list of links you can start to correct them.

If you are working with WordPress you can install a tool called Broken link checker. It also allows you to track broken links, although the tool is restricted to content managers.

There are many tools that will allow you to work in a simple way and with greater potential.

Some settings that you can find in the Broken link checker tool can be:

  • Status: shows you the links there
  • Buy each of the links: it tells you how often you have to check each of the links.
  • Email notifications: can be activated to notify you about broken links and about the publications of other authors in the blog.
  • Email address of notices: If they are the same as those used in the settings, you should not place any.
  • Settings in the links: you will find three options each time you find a broken link and this has been fixed. You just have to click on the first option.
  • Suggestions: will give you suggestions on what you can do with the same links.
  • Warning: If a link is found that has dubious origin, it is most likely that you get it in this tab.

What happens when we are the ones who receive broken links from other pages?

Detect the problems of incoming broken links to our portal is a much bigger problem, mainly because it is not enough a tool to track the portal but you need multiple so you can all the internet.

But, you should not worry, a solution to this problem is the analysis with Majestic SEO. This tool allows you to obtain a more complete analysis about the links that enter the portal.

How do these links affect SEO?

As we have mentioned, this type of problem only harms us. It is not that you will lose position quickly, but little by little it will happen to you. Remember that Google analyzes the behavior of the user in the web portal.

Users are the new SEO

When taking care of them, the visits will go up, but to do it, little by little you will be losing visits. In addition, you also have to take care that everything the search engine analyzes is in perfect condition.

The more you can take advantage of the crawl, the more URLs will be indexed. And this, without counting the WordPress resources that go each time a user finds a link failure.

How to solve this type of links?

When you already have the links to solve, the tool will give you several options to do with them. It is recommended that this task is performed once a month:

  • Start Broken link checker
  • Check the link in the option that says check
  • Just in case, click on it and check if it really is broken
  • If it really is failing, it is advisable that you edit the post to remove it or place it elsewhere.
  • In case you are not, you just have to mark it as discarded.