Why Majors are Positioning Themselves in Cloud Services for E-Commerce

Technological development and its popularization in the digital business have gone hand in hand since the beginning.

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“Technological development and its popularization in the digital business have gone hand in hand since the beginning. In recent times, total connectivity allows online shopping from any location and with total comfort and security, to the point where m-Commerce has become one of the most promising sales channels. And all this, thanks to the accessibility provided by the use of cloud computing technologies.”

The cloud offers the possibility of outsourcing data management and hosting, which helps cut costs and simplify tasks. At the same time, it exponentially increases the possibilities for any vendor to fully digitize their business and helps avoid technical failures or storage crashes that interrupt the service.

Cloud as a business opportunity

These advantages help to understand the renewed interest of large retail companies in the software sector as a service or as a service platform. In fact, Amazon is not only the largest e-Commerce in the world, but also the world leader in cloud services through Amazon Web Services, an important factor when you have a large stock and you need to offer a flexible interface and dynamic to compete.

Beyond Amazon, its main rivals in both the commercial and technological fields are also moving to innovate their structures and guide them towards the cloud. In the case of the major Chinese major, Alibaba, in the last two years has powered Aliyun, its service in the cloud, investing in it 1,000 million dollars with the declared goal of surpassing its American competitor before 2020.

Aliyun, also known as Alibaba Cloud, is still far from Amazon Web Services, while its immediate persecutor, Microsoft, continues to close the gap. In fact, the Redmond company is diversifying its contacts with other companies to expand its market share in the cloud. Specifically, the agreement signed in February with the Indian e-Commerce Flipkart supposes access to one of the largest world markets and significantly expands its portfolio of potential clients.

Beyond mere remote storage

In this way, Comandia and Office 365 combine to provide a comprehensive solution for business digitalization that includes, in addition to cloud storage, a platform from which to attract customers, sell, send orders and manage any eventuality.

As often happens in situations of maximum competitiveness, users are the main beneficiaries. And in the case of the cloud, users are all types of online businesses, which have at their disposal technological support that allows them to improve their performance and usability. In the same way, this support also provides a greater degree of security in its operations that allows it to be prepared to grow without having to jump into the void.


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