The Printing Sector Gains Strength Thanks to E-Commerce

The digitalization of the economy is creating new business models, as well as facilitating the incorporation into e-Commerce of increasingly diverse sectors.

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“The digitalization of the economy is creating new business models, as well as facilitating the incorporation into e-Commerce of increasingly diverse sectors. In fact, a business business so offline the printing and professional stationery services are living a revitalization of their activity through the exposure and the scope provided by the Internet.”

It seems contradictory, but the same digital trend that is helping to reduce the consumption of paper in the commercial, corporate and advertising environment has been the key for online printers to find a wider market niche. Many have predicted the death of the paper, but it is almost impossible the day to day of any company without considering business cards, résumés, brochures, reports, contracts or invoices in physical format.

Keys to the boost of online printing

Leaving behind the geographical barriers of the traditional graphic arts workshops, the webs dedicated to this activity opt for express logistics to supply customers from anywhere in the country. Since the distribution has expanded and diversified the public, the main online printing companies, such as Onlineprinters, Marcaprint or Helloprint, offer both solutions and prices designed for companies and for more casual customers.

To do this, its services are channeled through the web, which makes it possible to exchange files and feedback with the client to try to guarantee their satisfaction with the final result. To that end, they have a user area that has tools to upload or create images and layout them to the buyer’s taste. They also allow choosing materials, finishes or specific formats, as well as facilitating the finalization, payment and tracking of the order.

In this way, the public of a digital press covers both a company that needs thousands of business cards for its commercial team and a private individual looking for a limited number of invitations for a private event. Given that there is more public and more movement of orders, it is not a waste of time or money to accept smaller projects, provided that prices are offered that attract a significant number of individuals.

Distribution in record time

Online printers have managed to open their business to all types of orders, from invitations for a wedding to commercial brochures, through doctoral theses or posters. In addition to the interactivity in the design and of some prices that contrast with its analogical competence, the other factor that explains the development of this business is the saving of time. Reduced or no shipping costs and delivery between 24 and 48 hours are usually the industry standard.

The secret of the success of the digitization of this sector is the simplification of its processes. In the same way that printing methods have improved, the development of digital presses involves making themselves known in a cheaper way, accessing more public and cutting management costs. In the same way, corporate and private clients avoid procedures and prices that have been definitively in the past.


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