Mobile Friendly vs Mobile First

Surely you’ve heard ad nauseam that today’s online stores have to be all Mobile Friendly, and that those that are not will be left out on both the organic and sales level. In a way the Mobile Friendly has been a little surpassed by the concept of Mobile First.

If all these concepts bind you and you do not have very clear what is one thing or another, or which of the two is better for your online store, do not worry because here we are to clarify it.

What I’m sure you have clear is that nowadays you have to be in Mobile in conditions. If you are not, you will see your results repelled both at the level of recruitment and conversion. In other words, if you’re good at Mobile, you’ll attract more users and get more sales. So it’s something you can not ignore.

Is the mobile phone so important?

We could almost rethink the question: is the desktop really that important? Currently a lot of websites are registering 50% of the traffic coming from the desktop and the other 50% from mobile devices. This in itself would be a fact to consider. But it is that, in addition to that, the trend grows exponentially since 2013.

Not in vain Google has made it very clear that the fact that a page is adapted to Mobile navigation is a ranking factor. That does not mean that it penalizes those that are not, but the fact of empowering those that do, results in a loss of ranking for the former.

Thus, eCommerce mobile users begin to be half of the total and that has an impact on sales. In fact, they would be around 47% of the total in the national market.

And now to the point: Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile First Which is better?

What is Mobile Friendly?

This concept is applied to those websites that in one way or another are adapted to the visualization from mobile devices. That is to say: although they are originally conceptualized, designed and designed for desktop, an effort has been made to make them accessible and navigable also from smartphones and tablets. It is, therefore, an adaptation to mobile devices.

What is Mobile First?

In the case of Mobile First, the mobile version is not the result of adapting a web designed for another device, but the mobile version is conceptualized, designed and made from scratch thinking about the specificities of its access device.

Although we speak in terms of design, both concepts refer to something more profound: usability, accessibility and users’ use / consumption habits.

From a Mobile First prism it is not enough that the page looks more or less neat. It is about getting the user to interact naturally with the page and even use the characteristics of the device and the channel to enrich the experience.

For example, an app could be one of the best examples of Mobile First. It is a web project developed specifically for the device from which it will be consumed. The apps have their own language, are native to the platform and take advantage of all the functions that the device offers them. Saving the differences, this tailored development from the device would be the Mobile First.

Mobile Friendly or Mobile First?

When deciding, you must take into account different variables. The main one is when your business is located. If you have not yet launched your business to the network we recommend a Mobile First approach, especially taking into account all the market data that we mentioned before.

You can design your Mobile First store from scratch, and then adapt the design to the desktop and tablet version. Not only that, but you can also activate and deactivate design components by device, something you will find practically in any eCommerce platform.

This means that, for example, if the slider only wants to be seen in the desktop version, you can deactivate it in the mobile version; or if you want a block of featured products in the mobile version but not in the desktop, you can also configure it in this way.

On the other hand, if your website has been created before, it is already active and has traffic data that highlights desktop traffic, it may be easier to use a Mobile Friendly template for your CMS or development team .

That’s right: in no case to forget the mobile trend should be an option, because it is here to stay. In the dilemma Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile First, there is a clear winner in all cases: the user.

And you, will you opt for Mobile Friendly or Mobile First? Do you think it’s worth to bet on a native design? Participate in the comments!