Enhanced E-Commerce, Google’s Ultimate Tool

Google offers useful tools that facilitate the daily work for companies. From your email service to your Adwords advertising tool.

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Google offers useful tools that facilitate the daily work for companies. From your email service to your Adwords advertising tool. However, while web pages have the powerful Google Analytics to measure their traffic, many missed a greater focus and real functionality for measuring the results of e-commerce. And it seems that Google has heard them.

The great Internet giant has not stopped working until it can announce the definitive tool for e-commerce: Enhanced eCommerce. If you still do not manage it, we will show you everything that you can bring to your online store.

The new Google tool for your e-commerce

Enhanced eCommerce, which is integrated within Google Analytics itself, allows us to delve much more about each of the actions of users of our website, knowing when they leave the page, why sales do not close, problematic points of your online store, etc.

It seems that finally you will be able to design an effective strategy for an online store and in a very economical way, since the tool is free.

Main novelties

This tool comes loaded with new features, the three that have caught our attention are:

  • Funnels: surely it is the novelty that most attracts our attention, the two new funnels. A general funnel that shows our weak point, that is, at what points the user leaves our online store and a second more specific funnel about the checkout, that is, about the specific point of the purchase process in which we lose the sale. Will it be when entering the payment information or knowing the shipping costs?
  • Reports of product performance: the reports are key to reorient our strategy and for this it is essential to know how to interpret what they mean. This report analyzes which is the most demanded product (added to the shopping cart) or which is the best relation visits / purchase has, among others.
  • Returns: control this step is essential because with the data offered by Google Analytics so far could not evaluate the actual sales, since the return process was not taken into account. Instead, these new functionalities of the tool integrate this process to get closer to the real performance data of our sales.

How to recover lost sales

This well-used tool can be a great source to recover all those sales that were not closed due to poor management of the sales process. If you know your weak points and what bothers the purchase process, you can close a greater number of sales.

Will Enhanced eCommerce be the definitive tool for your online store? What do you think?

Find more about Enhance E-Commerce within the following video: