Direct Online Purchase Through Pinterest is Growing

If there is a social network that “fits” with electronic commerce, which helps create product value and that appeals to specific customer niches, that is Pinterest.

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“If there is a social network that “fits” with electronic commerce, which helps create product value and that appeals to specific customer niches, that is Pinterest. And its responsible are aware of this, facilitating the integration with platforms such as Shopify, IBM Commerce or Magento and, more recently, launching a program that directly affects the conversion of a digital business, known as “buyable pins”.”

Many ignore Pinterest within its marketing strategy because it is a smaller social network than the everlasting Facebook or Twitter. However, its more than 70 million monthly users claim its commercial penetration capacity, which, together with its panel structure, helps to show the products in an attractive and inspiring way and, from now on, to sell them easily and simply. direct without leaving the Pinterest wall itself.

A social network different from others

Pinterest may be a network oriented or populated mostly by a female audience, but this does not reduce its value but specializes the target audience. This specialization is precisely its great advantage, because the boards and pins are organized according to specific tastes and defined themes, making it easier to channel specific messages for specific audiences.

To result in this “niche effect”, the direct purchase pins that have begun to be implemented at the beginning of the year on Pinterest have been a remarkable success. In fact, there are already more than 60 million buyable pins in the social network, supported by a key statistical data: 43% of buyers through Pinterest say that the platform has influenced their purchase decision, because Pinterest provides additional information and reviews of products by other users.

How to sell through Pinterest

For some this social network is another of many commercial fashions, but the data show us the opposite. A study by Javelin Strategy shows that the average order value of Pinterest users is $ 123.5, 126% more than Facebook users, for example. However, climbing this trend means taking into account a series of good practices.

And the main key goes through integration. For this, it is necessary to take into account practices such as highlighting the “Pin it” button in front of those of other social networks, betting on responsive models that facilitate navigation, work on leads and product descriptions and bet on price lines that enhance the product without making it prohibitive.

As a complement to the integration, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal coherence of our product lines. In this case, respecting the scheme of themes and categories of this social network is important to attract traffic and make it profitable. You just have to remember two key figures: 97% of Pinterest users use it to plan their purchases and 87% of them recognize that the platform was the reason that motivated them to choose a product and acquire it.