User Session Recording Tools

It is possible to control how the user behaves on your website with these tools for recording user sessions, the perfect complement to Analytics.

When developing the design and functionality of a website it is very important to take into account the user’s experience within the web. For this, it is important that the elements are easily recognizable and that the design is very intuitive, so that the user fulfills the objective we want.

You always have to start from a basic design, but you have to make changes to that design based on the data that you get on the web.

Initially, what is most often used are tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, Piwic or Omniture, among others. In addition to these tools, which specialize in measurement, there are other web analytics tools, specialized in recording sessions and generating heat maps.

Some of these tools are Crazy Egg, HotJar and Yandex Metrica. Although the latter does not specialize in it directly, it is free, unlike the first two, so it can be a good alternative if we lack investment capacity.

# 1 – Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is a tool that is specialized in user behavior, allowing you to see very interesting data in the form of heat maps, such as places where the user clicks more, scroll analysis, A / B test and session recording.

It is a very powerful tool used by various professionals, which allows the connection to Google Analytics to import data and improve reports.

The problem with this tool is that it only has paid versions, so it is quite difficult to see if it really can be the tool you need before investing money. The only way to know is to have a person who has used it before and recommend this or another.

Luckily, the smaller package is not excessively expensive, it is quite limited but sufficient to have a generic idea of ​​what the tool is like.

# 2 – HotJar

hot jar

HotJar is a powerful analytical tool that allows you, among many other options, to record sessions and heat maps, as well as other interesting options that we recommend you try.

Despite being paid, it has a demo version to test the tool and see if it really meets the needs that the company needs to cover.

The focus of this tool is mainly the user experience, so it has other interesting features such as the analysis of forms (which often have to do a little work doing strange things in the analytics departments for not having the necessary tools) or a very interesting one: the possibility of recruiting beta-testers to test the modifications on your website and comment on what you think.

# 3 – Yandex Metrica


It is the Russian Analytics by default. As Google exists, it has a strong competitor where the Russian language called Yandex is spoken, which has several tools that perform the same as those of Google, among them, Yandex Metrica, which is an Analytics, although with some variations.

One of them is the session recording, which allows you to reproduce the user’s navigation within your website. It also gives you various data, such as the browser, the source from which it reaches your website, and other data.

It has a capacity limit for recording sessions, so it is quite convenient to review the information. We would recommend it for small websites that do not have many visits.

In addition, we must bear in mind that some recordings are reproduced somewhat wrong because sometimes the tool fails to interpret the code of the web well. It is still a free alternative to the first two, which is why we recommend the others before this, but it is not an option to rule out if we have limited resources.

What tool to use?

I recommend to try different forms of payment and see which is more suited to what the company may need.

HotJar seems much more interesting than the functionalities provided by Crazzy Egg, but it is advisable to try them before making a final decision.

In case of not having a high budget we can always help us from Yandex Metrica, a less powerful alternative, but free and quite interesting.