10 Ideas to Start a Business with Limited Investment

Today we bring you 10 ideas to start a business with low investment, because we have all considered at some point to be our own boss, either by personal decision or by necessity.

In this small list you will find ideas that require a limited investment, but obviously you need to replace that circumstance with an investment in time. And, in many cases, with a previous and continuous training that you can obtain by reading and surfing the Internet.

# 1 – Web Editor

There are more and more pages on the Internet and most of them are machines that consume new and unique editorial content. This work is for you if you know how to write, you know how to do it optimized for SEO and you have the ability to play disparate subjects with solvency. A point of curiosity is essential.

# 2 – Community Manager

Managing the social networks of a company, encouraging communities and encouraging them to be dynamic while remaining controlled is an art. You can be a great Community Manager if you know well the different social networks, you have the ability to speak and the ability to persuade and react.

# 3 – Personal Shopper

Nowadays, people’s lifes are going at a frenetic pace and they do not have time for what for others is a pleasure. Other people simply do not know how to dress for a specific event or to have their own style. Become a personal shopper, it is a business with little investment on your part since the money is put by the client. That’s right: go creating a blog and working those social networks.

# 4 – Online Training

Create courses of the subject you master: tutorials, ebooks, video conferences … and sell them or offer them for download from your site. The more complete the training offer you offer, the better your results will be.

We all know how to do something, from speaking French to macramé. The good thing about this is that there will always be someone who wants to learn it.

# 5 – Virtual Assistant

Why not serve as support for other entrepreneurs? If you can offer the management of administrative and management tasks that not everyone dominates – or directly hates – you will be offering a very interesting service. To be a professional virtual assistant is essential that, in addition to mastering the precise tools (office automation, English …) have an outstanding management capacity.

# 6 – Tourist Guide 2.0

The way people travel has changed a lot and now they value the experience of cultural immersion, getting to know locals, where native people move, what are the corners “outside the circuit”. A 2.0 tour guide is a great solution for immersive travelers. To dedicate yourself to it you have to know your city very well and know how to always surprise with that place that you do not expect.

# 7 – Translator

The obsession of brands to reach global audiences makes any SME end up being multinational and selling to different countries. If we add this to the amount of content that each day is needed, we have a great business opportunity. For those who speak another language fluently there could not be a better business idea than this one. Is it your case?

# 8 – Event photographer

Weddings, baptisms and communions are a business forum. And if we add to that the family photo sessions that have become so fashionable lately, we have a winning business. Make the most of that reflex camera you bought in your day and turn your passion for the visual into a business.

# 9 – Craftsman online

Another of the things that have returned with strength is craftsmanship. In a world where the mass produced in Asia prevails, it seems that everything done by hand is appreciated again. Put your creations on sale on Etsy platforms or, better yet, create your own store with Oleoshop.

# 10 – Chef / pastry chef

Food, in any of its forms, is a business on the rise. From the basic need to eat in the office to gluttony in the form of cupcakes or any other product of the American pastry. Offer your services as a chef if you see yourself with enough strength and determination to make those personalized office menus and cakes for all kinds of celebrations.

As you see to be an entrepreneur, you do not have to be rich or have a large initial investment. You can start from scratch slowly and with good hand betting on one of these 10 business ideas to start a business with little investment, with which one do you stay?