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Design your Optimized Landing Page

Design your own optimized landing page with the tips and resources you can find within this post. We have to create landing pages thinking only about the user, about how to facilitate their experience and making clear what the added value is.

What is the best you offer? Are your visitors interested? Does it contribute any value ?. These are some of the basic questions you should ask yourself if you want to achieve the success of your campaign, either to get leads, download an E-book, get subscribers, etc.

What is a landing page?

A landing page or landing page is a simple web page, designed to convert visitors into leads. They are webs that weigh little, load quickly and are highly optimized to meet their goal; the conversion.

How does it work? What is it for?

The first step is the call to action, which is like a “hook”. We have to seduce the user to take him to our land, where we will treat him with our kindness.

In the second step the user clicks on the call to action and arrives at the landing page, it is our moment, we have to give everything to try to convince the visitor of our product / service. It is usual to have the landing form connected to a CRM in order to better manage those leads. Once the goal is achieved, we should not forget to thank him.

In the third place it is convenient to create a thanks landing page where we can take advantage to show more content that strengthen our relationship. In addition, here it is important to configure the conversion pixel so that platforms such as Adwords or Facebook recognize the origin of the leads.

Optimization of landing pages

Landing page optimization must be done with the sole objective of increasing the conversion ratio or CRO. For this, a clear premise is to avoid vanishing points, as leads can be lost due to our structure and web design.

1. Striking headline: It is the first thing that is read and in some cases the only thing. We must make clear the benefit to be obtained, the added value of our product / service. Be clear and concise. In the second line we can add some multimedia element, such as a video.

2. Form configuration: It is the information collection element and therefore we must take care of its design. For me there is a clear relationship between the interest / quality of the leads and the number of fields to be filled out. We have to request only the necessary data to be able to establish a first contact with that lead. Afterwards we will obtain other necessary data. For a better management, it is convenient to use a CRM.

3. Minimize vanishing points: We have to avoid the navigation menu, the blog and links to other content that may distract or lose the visitor. Likewise, the design has to “guide” the visitor’s attention to the content and then to the form.

4. Include recommendations and awards: I recommend adding these fields at the end of the landing page, for those more demanding visitors who read everything. This information will help build trust and credibility.

Easy and economical solutions

With some of the tools that we will see in this post, you can configure your landing page as you want and perform A / B tests to determine which is more effective. Years ago if we wanted to develop a web page we had to hire the services of a developer.

Today we can achieve great results for less than $ 20 per month. I have made a compilation of three websites that are dedicated to the development of these websites and offer different modalities and payment plans.

This website is my favorite among the most economical.

It offers landing pages from $ 29 a year and you can find hundreds of templates focused on different actions. Templates for Lead Generation, Two-Step, Click-Through, Thank You, Webinar, E-book, Event and App. Example with responsive model:, from $ 79 per month (with annual payment), you can develop 75 landing pages.

It is the option that attracts me the least, especially because of the panel that it has. From $ 37 per month. If you make an annual payment of $ 25 and a payment of two years, $ 17.

I hope I have helped you with these tips and tools to create your own professional landing. Now we just have to test which one works best in your business.


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