Bach Flowers Placebo

Bach flowers are a pseudotherapy, a cheat without scientific basis, and its recommendation for autism or for any other type of disorder, illness or condition, it is an insult to intelligence.

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You may want to save yourself reading this text and take advantage of your time in something more fun: Bach flowers are a pseudotherapy, a cheat without scientific basis, and its recommendation for autism or for any other type of disorder, illness or condition, it is an insult to intelligence. Even so, lectures are given on its use even in university classrooms, there are training courses to become a qualified therapist, they are sold and promoted in numerous establishments even in pharmacies run by people who say they went to a faculty, not to mention that bazaar without borders, which is the Internet, so perhaps it is not unnecessary to explain what they are, how they are used and what science says about it. Specifically for autism there is not a single serious study, nor a single one, that shows any effectiveness of Bach flowers in the treatment of an ASD.


The pseudoremedy was developed by Edward Bach, an English homeopath, in the 1930s. Bach, apparently, selected 38 flower remedies, each with supposed healing properties for different emotional problems. He did not use any technique of analysis or study, but instead designed his solutions intuitively, perceiving the psychic connections with the plants. If he felt invaded by a negative emotion, the mania to a brother-in-law for example, he held different flowers in his hand and if he felt that negative emotion was happening to him, he attributed to that flower a healing power. I thought that the light of dawn passed through the drops of dew on the petals of the flowers and that salutary power was transmitted from the flower to the water. It collected the dew and mixed it with a similar amount of cognac to produce the mother tincture. How to collect the dew is not an easy task, he went on to a new technique in which he immersed the flowers in spring water and let the rays of the Sun pass through the boat. If this could not be done because there was no sun, something not so strange in the perfidious Albion, he accepted that the flowers were boiled. Bach said he was satisfied with his method because of its simplicity and because it combined the four elements of the Greek philosophers and said that they were all in their remedies: “the earth nourishes the plant, the air that feeds, the sun or fire it allows to impart its power, and the water to collect it and enrich it with its possibilities of magnetic healing ». With a minimum investment you can earn a lot of money selling these remedies to someone who has a real or imagined illness. A couple of examples: according to Bach followers, the extract of holly serves for «jealousy, distrust, envy, hatred and resentment; for those who lack compassion and for those who need love “-who does not need love?! – while chicory is recommended for” who overprotects their loved ones and dominates them through excessive manipulation, for those who consider knowing more than his dependents, for whom he has a possessive and selfish personality, for one who interferes in the affairs of others continually, for whom he expects the devotion of those who overprotects and when he does not get it he feels victimized and then persecutes and criticizes them » . It is striking that someone can defend these things in the 21st century.

These supposed remedies are solutions of brandy and water, whose aqueous fraction contains extremely diluted solutions of floral matter. No analysis of clinical trials has found efficacy for Bach flower solutions, beyond the placebo effect. A systematic review conducted in 2010 by Dr. Edzard Enst concluded:

“All trials with a placebo as a control have failed to demonstrate efficacy. It is concluded that the most reliable clinical trials show no differences between floral remedies and placebos.”

In Bach flower remedies (FB) there are two components: the dissolved material and the solution in which it dissolves. The dissolved material is so diluted that it is rare for more than one molecule to remain, when in a drug the active ingredient may have trillions or quadrillions of molecules. As BF vendors cannot deny this, they say that it contains the energy or the vibrational force of the flower – no one knows what that is – and that this is what is transmitted to the user. With respect to the solvent material part of a 1: 1 solution of water and brandy called mother tincture.

In stores they sell it, usually mixed with alcohol, and form the stock or stock solutions. These solutions do not have any color, aroma or flavor that relates to the original flower because as we say of the original flower there is practically nothing left. FB vendors say that they can be applied directly to the skin, diluted in a glass of water, fumigated in the environment or added to the water in the bathtub. No truly effective substance presents activity before such diverse methods of administration, it makes no sense.

Bach flowers are usually included in two categories of absurd: homeopathic therapies and vibrational medicines. They are included among the homeopathic by the use of extreme dilutions although they do not meet all the criteria of the homeopathic faith as the law of similarities, which says that the like cures the like. All so-called “vibrational medicines” are a ridiculous concept, without any basis, based on something non-existent, the so-called memory of water, that water molecules remember other molecules with which they have been.


Bach argued that the disease was the result of a conflict between the purposes of the soul and the actions of the personality. This internal war, according to him, led to negative moods and an “energy block”, which caused a “loss of harmony”, which was what caused the disease. The theory underlying it is one of the most repulsive of alternative treatments: that the disease is caused by an emotional problem. It is the same idea that disseminate sectarian, unscientific and predatory currents such as bioneuroemoción. They even say that if you have cancer of the uterus it is because of a conflict with your husband and that the first thing you have to do is abandon him or that AIDS does not exist and it is also an emotional problem that has not been resolved. It is not true: a cancer is a real cellular problem, of which nobody is to blame, and an infectious disease is the result of the invasion of our body by an infectious agent, a virus, a bacterium or a fungus. When a plant gets spotted by one of these infectious agents is it also because it has an emotional conflict? For FB vendors “emotions such as hatred, envy and resentment are related to diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Skin diseases are related to a lack of self-esteem. ” Everything like that.

If you do not know what to do with your money, look for a good cause but do not spend it in these fake therapies.