What is AlexaRank and How Does it Work?

The world of the internet does not work as easily as we think. The problem is that we have been using it for so long that we stopped asking how it works.

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The world of the internet does not work as easily as we think. The problem is that we have been using it for so long that we stopped asking how it works. For example, why some pages are more popular than others when they share almost the same content. So, let’s talk a little about Alexa Rank, a tool that allows us to see in what Internet ranking a certain site is.

AlexaRank is a powerful tool for online marketing, since it allows us to see how is a site where we want to invest, for example. The operation of Alexa is quite simple, in fact, but it never hurts to review it to have all the weapons at hand in case you need to use it.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a versatile company that offers an online search engine, a directory and a toolbar or toolbar, among other things, in addition to the aforementioned traffic ranking which is what we will focus on today. The ranking is located at the top of the Alexa home page, and when we enter we only have to write the name of the domain from which we want to obtain the data.

The Alexa toolbar is also important because it will be responsible for providing the data to make the ranking. Each time a site contains the toolbar or contacts it will be added to Alexa. The lower the number, the higher it will be in the ranking -as in any other enumeration-.

How does the ranking work?

When a website comes into contact with AlexaRank, it begins to register site traffic. Therefore, when we as users enter within Alexa, we can see an aggregate history of 3 months with data from the millions of users of the toolbar, which allows us to see the number of page views of a given site and the number of users (the scope that has that particular web).

What Alexa does is record the reach and page views on all the websites on a daily basis. The ranking is formed through the average of these two divided variables, so that the ranking reflects the number of users who visit the page as well as the amount of content that users visit on that particular page. The statistics are renewed to show us a quarterly period.

What is it for?

We can think of the AlexaRank as a kind of competition lower than the Google PageRank. Although they are essentially similar, they are also quite different, and provide us with information that often differs significantly. The statistics of each site are not exact, especially for the least visited sites. Why? Because Alexa information comes from the installation of your toolbar, which does not always happen. Therefore, the sites with the most accurate information are always the most popular.

AlexaRank can be very relevant to obtain specific navigation data. For example, a page that has a good PageRank may not have a large number of visits, because it may have been linked to another popular site. What is good about Alexa is that it allows us to access this hard data, without having to consider the “tricks” that can be done with PageRank.

How can I use it?

The best way to use Alexa is to implement it as a tool to measure traffic from sites that are not ours. For example, websites of the competition, pages that interest us, sites where we want to advertise, and more. If we have a website of our own, we will have to consider other tools, such as Google Analytics.

Alexa does not provide us with geographic data of visitors, nor gives us deep statistics that allow us to go beyond the hard data of the visits. For that reason, although we can use it, for our own site we can opt for something more professional, that gives us more relevant data for us. It does serve to know what certain pages that are positioned well up in the ranking are doing well.