Digital Marketing Glossary: ​​Concepts you Need to Know

The world of Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and every day there are more companies that join this exciting world to continue growing.

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The world of Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and every day there are more companies that join this exciting world to continue growing.

Entering within the vast field of Digital Marketing opens up endless opportunities and benefits, but for this you must go hand in hand with an expert who boosts your experience and help you understand the basics.

Digital Marketing Glossary

There are many terms in Digital Marketing that may have a different meaning than what you thought. In this article you will find a compilation of the topics that you must know to be aware of the development and growth of your strategy.

Digital analytics

Knowing how users interact and knowing how to attract them can be done thanks to digital analytics that, through measurement tools, collect and analyze data in web pages and applications.

Digital anthropology

Digital Anthropology is a science that aims to study the behavior and reality of human beings before the influence of social networks and their behavior in the technological world that is constantly evolving.

Big data

The Big Data is all the information collected and stored so that in the future it can be analyzed and it becomes a benefit for the company. The following notes may interest you.

Do you have any idea what to do with Big Data?


The chatbot is a tool or application with which the Artificial Intelligence tries to be closer to the clients and give them just solutions when they need it through technology.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing goes beyond sales, is to generate relevant and quality content of the industry and products for the target customers.

Find more about it in this post.

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking is a study technique related to neuromarketing, which extracts information from the consumer analyzing their eye movements.

Inbound Marketing

Have you asked yourself why are we talking so much about Inbound Marketing? What benefits does it bring and how to apply it to your company? This link will take you to everything you need to know about Inbound Marketing.

Proximity Marketing

As the name implies, proximity marketing is carried out when potential customers or users are close to or reach brands, thanks to the combination of strategies and technology based on location.


Although, Neuromarketing is a relatively new term, its history goes back a long time ago. Here you can find out how your path has been and how, through neuroscience, you have come to know more about the reactions and the impact of advertising on consumers.

Digital reputation

Digital reputation is what is said about people or brands within the digital world.

Includes both positive and negative images, according to the perception that people have of brands or experiences they have had. Nowadays it is vital to have a good image, because through social networks everything travels at the speed of light.


Reaching the desired target audience and in the determined time with an Online Marketing campaign is possible to the Search Engine Marketing, these are the characteristics of the SEM campaigns.


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes beyond positioning the web pages or brand in the first places of the search engines, it is required to have a strategy that meets the man.

Social media

Social media or social media includes all digital platforms in which you can share information, photographs, videos and audios that allows you to interact with other users.