7 Technopathies, Diseases from the 21st Century

25% of us, between 18 and 64 years old, are hooked to the Internet, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users and increasingly rely on new technologies.

As a result of the advancement of new technologies and the proliferation of the possession and use of smartphones among the population of developed societies, new pathologies are being generated, the so-called “Technopathies or diseases 2.0”.

Let’s start…

Users look at their mobile device up to 150 times a day and 70% of teenagers sleep with the phone on all night. New technologies bring us many benefits to be able to live in a developed and contemporary society like ours. But in turn, they generate a constant dependence on connectivity with our environment that can lead to health problems.

We reveal some more figures to demonstrate to what extent our society suffers from addiction and dependence on new technologies: People aged between 18 and 64 spend on average 33 hours a week using mobile phones; that’s almost 5 hours a day from Monday to Sunday. In addition, we are 39 hours a week on average connected to the Internet (5 and a half hours a day), of which 22 are dedicated to our personal life and 17 during our workday. During this time, we consulted the email, we looked for information and we interacted in the different profiles of the social networks.

“The use of new technologies, apart from signs of dependence, can lead to physical ailments derived from the use of digital devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones.”

We talk about neck or muscle pain, frequent discomfort and back injuries related to the postures we adopt when we are concentrated on the screen of our device, since we are in a position with the weight of the head forward that is not natural for our body.

They also generate psychological illnesses that, moreover, are more complicated to detect since they do not generate in the user a remarkable physical symptom. We speak of mental, psychological or social disorders.

What are the technopathies and what symptoms do they have?

1. Nomofobia.- It refers to the irrational anxiety or fear suffered because of the possibility of losing the mobile device or forgetting it when leaving home. This pathology affects 73% of the population.

2. WhatsApp Apnea.– Constant and compulsive consultation of this mobile application without being aware of it, in addition, they suffer anxiety if they can not consult the messages received for some reason: working, running out of battery, etc.

3. Google Syndrome.– This pathology directly affects the memory of users who are in the habit of consulting almost all the doubts and information in the largest search engine in the world. As a result, the brain loses the ability to memorize data due to the possibility of accessing that information when necessary, quickly and anywhere.

4. Imaginary call syndrome.- Affects 70% of users and refers to when the brain plays a trick on us and imagines that we hear the tone of a call.

5. Cyberchondriacs or symptoms of “Doctor Google” .- Almost everyone knows someone who when they are sick or have some disease the first thing they do is consult it on the Internet, well, this is also a pathology derived from the use of new technologies .

6. Insomnia.- Hyperconnectivity and dependence on social networks, especially among teenagers, generates insomnia as young people sleep with the mobile device right next to the bed and can wake up several times throughout the night to see if they have any interesting message or information to read.

7. Depression of Facebook.- It affects those who visualize profiles of other users in this social network to remember happy moments of their lives and thus reduce the sadness they feel. It is a way of being happy through the nostalgia generated by the memories digitized and stored on Facebook.

Are we really living a true era of freedom and wellness? I’m really scared about the consequences in the long term of technology progression…