How to Present a Project

Drawings, images and videos. Channels to explain and process information

“Texts are still effective when transmitting information. But drawings are positioned as excellent channels of information transmission.”

New trends are creating innovative tools, which can use drawings and images as digital marketing concepts.

In the commercial field, many brands, platforms and e-commerce sites and online stores are adopting the drawing and image format for the sale of their products and services.

We will show you how you can take advantage of the visual elements so that the receiver of the presentation stays with the message you want to transmit.

Discover how a project should be presented

How to make the message concise but effective

Each time more content is consumed through the network. The drawing, like the image and the video, is an efficient way to offer the person who sees it a clear, concise message and in a very short time. The chosen format will help the reader or whoever looks at the drawing understand.

In many cases, in the case of a user or consumer who proposes to purchase a product or hire a service, the appropriate drawing and image can become the argument or reason that the buyer needs to finish deciding.

The magic of the images

Our brain can process visual information much more efficiently and faster than with text. Most website visitors are lazy and tired of reading. If they are offered an image or a good explanatory drawing, they will connect better and the temptation to change the page will be much less.

The choice of the best drawing

The images and drawings are the ideal complement to boost sales, but its design must be well planned, according to a previously defined strategy.

It is necessary to draw a picture that really captures the interest and attention of the user or the audience. Must convey the feeling of wanting more information about what is being presented, and bring much more to the sale.

The drawings, images and sales can become the best web analytics tool for the commercialization of products and services. Through them, the main benefits and characteristics can be summarized, a connection link with the audience can be generated, and these instruments will also have the capacity to seduce and convince the target audience.

The drawings provide greater confidence when presenting a project

A good drawing as an information element can provide a greater level of confidence in the sales processes. The potential consumer will not only read a text that promises many things, but the drawing or image will bring much more than that, will bring you closer to the product.

There are already statistics that reaffirm that the images, drawings and videos increase in a considerable way the possibilities of purchase. This type of elements can include much more information than a text.

With the use of a drawing designed to provide a large amount of information, the scope of the message is greater. In addition to being a sales enhancer, it can be a good generator of confidence for users and potential customers.

New tools to create very intuitive drawings and icons in project presentations

It is not always easy to make a drawing that can contain all the information we want to convey. Therefore, the appearance of new technological tools that facilitate this task is very useful.

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