How to Display the Keywords “Not Provided” in Google Analytics

One of the main problems when it comes to controlling the organic traffic that enters our page, is the famous term “not provided”. And this is probably one of the main headaches of any analyst.

Often, we can find a very high percentage of organic searches displayed in GA as “not provided”, which causes a loss of useful information.

What is a keyword Not Provided

“A keyword not provided, is an organic search that is displayed in Google Analytics without any exact reference data.”

When we speak of reference data of a keyword, we refer to the exact data of the term that was used to reach our website.

That is, if a user is looking for “tennis rackets”, the reference data will then be “tennis rackets”. The reference data is the exact keyword used to reach the website managed by Google Analytics. Solving the problem “Not provided Analytics” is simple and fast and economically adaptable to your website.

What is Keyword Hero

In light of the obvious problems described in the previous point, the Keyword Hero tool emerges. This tool facilitates the fact of showing those keywords that attract visitors in an organic way and that would be shown without reference data.

How to use Keyword Hero

To use Keyword Hero, a series of configuration steps must be followed:

  1. It is necessary to have a Search Console account that shows data for at least one month.
  2. It is necessary to connect the Google Analytics account that corresponds to the same website.
  3. Afterwards, we must log in from the Keyword Hero page, from Gmail with editing permission in that Google Analytics account.
  4. Once we log in, we must choose the Google Analytics account that we want to monitor.
  5. We choose the plan that best suits our website.
  6. After 24 hours, we will be able to access the “Keyword Hero” view of the selected property, since the reference data of the organic searches will be displayed.

Advantages of using Keyword Hero as an Analytical Tool

▷ It solves to a large extent the problem not provided Analytics, providing the reference data of many of them.

▷ The first advantage that Keyword Hero offers is to show information of useful value that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

▷ As with the use of Search Console, it is useful to find new related keywords.

▷ Continuing with the previous point, allows to optimize the content of our landings according to the traffic according to the keyword.

▷ It serves to understand and check the performance of each keyword.

▷ Obtaining the exact keywords facilitates the creation of a paid search strategy, AdWords.

▷ Although sometimes it fails to show the reference data of some keywords, it manages to show variables such as the search engine with which the search was carried out.

▷ The tool creates weekly reports on the performance of the website to which it is connected.

▷ There is a free version to test the tool. This is a great advantage as we can check if the tool works correctly for our website.

Find more about it in this video:

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