Data Becker and Technology

In 1980, in Düsseldorf (Germany), Archim Becker and Harald Becker created one of the best-known editors in communication and information technology in computer science, “Data Becker GmbH & Co.KG”, better known as Data becker. This editor is really important in the computer world, since it provides computer software such as “Calcomat, Textomat or Datamat”.

Data becker

In its beginnings, in 1981, “Data Becker” opens its first store in charge of supplying accessories and consumables specialized in computing. However, “Data Becker” was not only dedicated to the sale of products for computers, but also was an important publisher of computer books. Some of the most important books and magazines published were “PC Praxis”, “Webslling” and “Foto Praxis”. At present, “Data Becker” has become one of the largest computer editors, providing web pages and different software very useful in the world of computing and communication technologies.

One of the most used computer programs by domestic computers is “Data Becker Web to date“. This software allows to create professional web pages to the user, without needing to have computer knowledge for it. That is, any user who needs to create a web page, and who has no knowledge of web creations or other computer content, can use this software to do so. In addition, one of the main advantages of using “Data Becker to date” would be that it is compatible with Microsoft Windows systems. Likewise, this program allows the user an autonomy for personalizing their web pages, updating and restructuring them.

Another of the best known software of “Data Becker” is “Data Becker Podcast Producer”. This program provides three tools for the creation of “podcasts” so that the user can benefit from high quality audio and video content, from anywhere in the world. “Data Becker Podcast Producer” is a technologically developed program, with a high quality sound and with a four-track graphic interface. In addition to editing podcasts, this software also allows its management and publication on the Internet.

Finally, it is worth highlighting one of the most powerful and important database creation programs, also provided by “Data Becker”, called “Data Becker Databases“. This software allows to create databases, either personalized, or using predesigned templates, since it consists of more than seventy different models. In addition, “Data Becker Databases” is widely used in companies since it is very useful when creating and managing large databases, such as inventories, product listings, price lists, contact lists , etc. The main advantage of this software is that it contains two packs of different templates. The first, the most basic pack, consists of recipes, books and movies. The second, the pack intended for professionals, consists of inventories, prices and passwords among others.

Thus, “Data Becker” started as a store that sold computer products and edited magazines and books, and has now become one of the leading publishers in technologies and communications, providing important software for professional users, as for private individuals too. In addition, “Data Becker” publishes the important computer magazine “PC Praxis”, books, and tools for computer programming.