Is Digital Business the Key to Success?

The digital business has been introduced in all kinds of sectors turning upside down the classic corporate strategies, advertising and communication of large, medium and small companies.

Is digital business the key to success in the 21st century?

What we mean by digital business

The term digital business could be defined as that business model that uses channels and digital services as fundamental parts of its business activities, its productive or commercial activity. Thus, we will say that a traditional business has become a digital business when it uses current digital technology to operate in its market, satisfy the needs of its customers, anticipate future needs, optimize its technical and human resources…

With this definition it is difficult to find a business that is not totally or partially labeled as digital business for a very simple reason: practically all companies use ICT to operate. Corporate social networks, advertising in digital media, intranet, databases of customers, suppliers and contacts, digital offices, collaborative work centers linked through the cloud… Hundreds of tasks, plans and business projects that would not take place if they were not would have popularized Internet access.

Different types of digital business

There are different ways to classify digital businesses, although the best known is the so-called classification of the three families: e-commerce, advertising and content. Let’s see some details of each of these three digital business models.

Digital business dedicated to the sale of physical products

These would be the so-called e-commerce, powerful distribution and sales channels that rank first in the lists of the most profitable companies in the world. A clear example?: Amazon, the best known digital business in the world that led the e-commerce sector in Spain, unseating even large companies such as El Corte Ingl├ęs or eBay itself.

In any case, you do not have to be Amazon to have a digital business dedicated to e-commerce. In fact, every day more companies dedicated to international trade decide to open their own online sales and distribution channels, a smart transition to give greater and better service to their customers of the 21st century.

Digital business dedicated to advertising

The second big family of digital business is that of those businesses that try to monetize their digital platforms becoming the favorite advertising digital channels of Internet users. Within this second large group of digital business we find all kinds of companies and businesses that try to attract the views of their users in any way possible and more or less invasive.

Digital business dedicated to content

Content is king. Surely you have heard or read this phrase thousands of times. And yes, the content is the business base of thousands and thousands of digital businesses dedicated to transmitting more or less truthful information, more or less rigorous but that always has an anxious public of news of fast consumption.

Digital business, the key to success according to Forbes

One final note to finish: according to the prestigious magazine Forbes, digital business is the key to the success of all types of companies and professionals, a new way of understanding the rules of the market and that has already become a revolution as much or more important that the one lived by our ancestors at the beginning of the industrial age.

I would like to know your opinion: are you going to bet on digital business? Have you done it already? Write a comment!