What is LinkedIn Talent Insights?

The future when looking for talent revolves around a fundamental pillar, data. LinkedIn Talent Insights allows the Human Resources department to extract all types of information at any time, in real time. It allows them to work more collaboratively with company managers and facilitates the creation of more successful hiring strategies.

LinkedIn has developed this tool using a huge amount of data, from its more than 11 million job offers and 530 million members, representing 18,000 companies, 29,000 schools and more than 50,000 job-related skills.

How does LinkedIn Talent Insights work?

Talent Insights uses artificial intelligence. It is organized in two large blocks to create reports, one that focuses on the specific talent of the population and another in the analysis of companies.

Its intention is to facilitate companies to search for specialized profiles, thus helping organizations to plan and make decisions in their current and future hiring.

The beta version of the tool is available also in Spanish.