Twitter For Companies: Tips for Using it Correctly

One of the biggest headaches in business when it comes to getting introduced within the online world is how to use social networks correctly. In this case, I want to give you some tips on how to use Twitter in your company to get leads, web traffic and, ultimately, new customers.

Why you should use Twitter if you have a company

Twitter has many advantages over other social networks when it comes to using it professionally. Among all of them I highlight the following:

  • It has a great ability to disseminate content: this social network has millions of users willing to read and share the contents that most interest them. Therefore, having a presence on Twitter and doing it well can help you to give more visibility to your messages.
  • It allows you to actively listen to your users: people love to comment, and even more so on a social network like Twitter. This can be a great advantage, since you can quickly see what you like and what you do not, identify problems in your business or converse with your target audience directly.
  • It has a very heterogeneous audience: Twitter is not a social network with a semi-closed and defined target, such as Snapchat or LinkedIn. Twitter has a very diverse user base: marketing professionals, celebrities, teenagers, doctors, etc. So, although it depends on the type of business and your goals, you will surely have a place in this social network.
  • It is a good source of traffic to your website: on Twitter you can share the articles of your blog, for example, and generate visits to it.
  • Give visibility to your business in search engines: Twitter is positioned very well in Google, so when users look for your company right away your account will leave this social network even if your website is not well positioned.

Now, if you are already convinced, I will give you some tips to take advantage of the potential of Twitter.

Tips to create a community on Twitter

In Twitter you not only have to obsess with winning followers, but also your followers must interact with you. As in almost everything, better quality than quantity.

Here are some basic tips to get it:

  • Optimize your biography with keywords: on Twitter you can search by words and hashtags, so if you include the keywords that most interest you in your description, it will be easier for you to appear among the results.biografia twitter with keywords
  • Place a good profile and cover photo: it seems obvious, but many people choose photos that do not help much to the image of your business or company.
  • Tweet content of value: if you do not offer quality or something different in Twitter, your tweets will be forgotten within the timelines of your followers. And, in addition, you will not win new ones either.
  • Use hashtags to increase the visibility of your tweets: hashtags are used a lot on Twitter to do thematic searches, so analyze those in your sector and use 1 to 3 in each tweet that you post. Use hashtags
  • Retweet and respond to comments: do not forget to answer everything that you put on Twitter and retweet messages that add value to see that you also share content from others.
  • Locate and monitor hashtags in your sector: researching what others publish about your sector can get many ideas to write or to perform actions in your company.
  • Search for keywords to find people interested in the topic: in addition to knowing what is being talked about, doing thematic searches will help you find users that are your target audience, and those that you can follow to get to know you and perhaps return you the follow .
  • Identify other accounts in your sector and follow their followers: another option is to analyze the followers of your competition and follow them to see if they return the follow.
  • Enable the Twitter Cards feature or include an image in your tweets: image / video / GIF tweets have much more interaction than a text-only tweet. Another option is to enable Twitter Cards on your website or blog and you will see a preview of the image link each time you tweet something on the page.
  • Mention influencers in your sector with whom you have contact: if you are sharing information that may be of interest to an influencer, you can mention it to see if it is shared. But be careful: do not do much or without any kind of sense, since you could create a bad image.

How to measure the success of your actions on Twitter

To measure whether we are succeeding or not with our activity on Twitter, we must first make clear our objectives. Do we already know them?

In general terms, we could divide the objectives in social networks between two groups:

  1. Conversion goals
  2. Objectives of engagement.

How to measure engagement on Twitter

Maybe your presence on Twitter is because you need to connect with your community and interact with it or you need to have a digital channel in which to share valuable content for your buyer person.

Twitter has its own statistics available from the tool, which will give you information about the amount of tweets sent, the impressions and interactions obtained, the profile visits, the mentions or the new followers.

It will also show you the tweets that have worked best, your most popular followers or the main mentions.

How to measure conversion on Twitter

To measure the conversion in Twitter you will need to have some kind of tool that connects Twitter with your website.

With Google Analytics you can analyze the traffic coming from Twitter (and any other social network) and, through filters, check whether they have converted or not by filling in a form, for example.

Find more information about how to create twitter for business within the following video:


Hope this post has been useful and looking forward to your comments!