SMS Marketing as a Complement to your Email Strategy

In a world where 15 million SMS are already being sent per minute, it would be an absurd not to take advantage of SMS marketing as a communication and sales channel for companies of any kind. Why should we use it as a complement to an emailing strategy?

Massive SMS is a very effective direct marketing channel to establish a relational communication between companies and their clients. It is also known as SMS marketing, that is, sending text messages in order to achieve a marketing objective. When using it with email marketing you are adapting to the new technological reality that we live: in the whole world more than 50% of emails are read on a mobile device.

Before talking directly about how to use SMS marketing as a complement to an email strategy, it is important to know some data and features that will help to better understand its importance for users, that is, the potential recipients of your email marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing: highlights and benefits of its use

The data on the use of SMS are really high:

The opening rate of SMS is 95%

  • 90% of SMS are read in less than 10 minutes from receipt.
  • 58% of users in Spain consult the mobile to expand information before a purchase.
  • 80% of mobile users are interested in the SMS of their favourite brands.
  • In 2017, around 1.2 billion SMS were sent from apps to people.

Benefits of mass SMS:

  • Portability: a database of mobile numbers does not require much work thanks to the portability of the number
  • Instantaneity: on average, SMS messages are read after 5 seconds after being received
  • Deliverability: 95% of the sent SMS are received, there is no SPAM folder
  • Speed: an SMS does not need to be adjusted to any format, a campaign can be programmed in a few seconds
  • Memorization:┬áthe text message is short, easy to memorize, and here the call to action is very important and takes center stage.

What are the functions of SMS in marketing?

SMS marketing campaigns have different purposes that we can reduce to two groups:

  • Those that are used to notify.
  • Those that are used to sell.
  1. Notification Campaign: use the SMS to notify the buyer about the status of an order, attendance at an event or any type of alert such as cancellations, updates or reminders.
  2. Marketing Campaign: used to send SMS to segmented groups in order to sell and loyalty. The most representative examples would be the promotional or discount code shipments.

Through this type of actions, the mobile device becomes a 24-hour assistant for the users, since wherever they are they will receive the necessary information of their brands.

Collect mobile numbers before sending your strategy with bulk SMS

To send your email marketing campaign with massive SMS you need a quality database. The best method is to use subscription forms to expand your contact list.

The most important feature of this type of forms is that they are directly linked to the contact list of your email marketing tool. In other words, once the Internet user completes the form, their data will be stored automatically in your database. A very common practice is to automate the sending of a welcome email when the user completes and validates the subscription form.

Among the forms to present the forms in your web page are the pop-up or the fixed blocks. Pop-ups are screens that appear suddenly while you scroll and browse the page. It is a bit intrusive, but it works to boost the quick display of the form. As for the fixed block, you can use a specific landing page for the form, or insert an HTMIL script in the part of your page where you want to place the form.

The subscription forms include a series of mandatory fields such as name (treatment), mobile number (to send SMS) and email address (to send newsletters). The date of birth, marital status or other personal data can be included as optional fields to fill out. Later on, you can send surveys or surveys to your recipients to obtain more information about their tastes or hobbies. So you will offer a product more adapted to your needs.

How to apply the bulk SMS in your email marketing strategy

Why use mass SMS in your email marketing strategy?

One of the main reasons is obvious: mass SMS will increase the rate of opening and clicks of your mailing campaigns and, with it, the conversions.

Using a multi-channel marketing strategy will allow you to reach more people and create other loyalty methods.

Launch your multi-channel strategy: email + automated marketing SMS!

If you want to create a comprehensive strategy and schedule shipments in an automated way, you need an integral email marketing service, that is, a tool that facilitates the necessary functionalities to automate the campaigns.

Find more information about how to create an SMS Marketing Strategy within the following video:

Analyze your email and SMS marketing campaigns with statistics

The great advantage of email and SMS marketing is that all your actions can be measured. You can choose any of your campaigns and generate a report in real time to see the results of your campaign at any time.

The activity of the recipients of your campaigns is automatically saved, so if you want to see where it fails you just have to consult the data and apply the necessary changes by segmenting your contact list.

The main data collected are the opening rate, the casualty rate, the bounced rate (number of recipients who have not received the campaign) or the click rate (percentage that enters the links). In addition, it is interesting to compare the support used to open the campaign or the reading time: desktop or mobile.

Finally, two elements must be taken into account to avoid that the SMS fails in the technical aspect. First, check that the link included in the message works correctly. This link is recommended to be adjusted in an abbreviated version so as not to occupy a lot of space in the text message, in the case of SMS.

Secondly, the page to which the link redirects you must have a responsive design, that is, that adapts to the mobile device. Also, thanks to the Rich-message editor you can include multimedia elements such as images and videos on the landing page linked to your SMS.

Start your strategy and start to see the results!