Which Are the 7 Basic Tips of Content Marketing?

A content marketing strategy would not work if it were not for the 7 tips that you will find in this post.

Quality, Quantity, Shareable, Connect, Creativity, Constancy, Quantifiable: they are the variables that are essential and that make a content marketing campaign successful.

But why are the 7 Tips of content marketing so essential?

It is no coincidence that companies and businesses invest more budget each year in content that adds value to the customer and the brand. These tips will give your strategy meaning and power.

#1. Quality

Any post, article, video or infographic that you generate should contain quality both in “what is transmitted” and in “how it is done”. Otherwise, you will not have contributed anything to your business.

The content development must contain in each of its sections ‘quality’. I’m speaking about the title, video, image of the post, and so on. In short, everything can influence quality. Of course, it will be appreciated by audience to whom the content marketing is directed.

#2. Quantity

It is important to make a reasonable amount of posts and publications on social networks. In blogs should be considered article per week, taking into account the ideal extension that, according to Moz, should be between 1,800 and 3,000 words. However, do not force your post, if in 200 words you have already said everything, that will be your perfect article.

In social networks, you have to be clear about the objective, which is the one you will use the most and recognize the behavior of the networks to know what to do. Facebook posts should be between 3 and 5 per day. On Twitter, from 5 to 10. Taking into account that in this social network the life of each post is 30 minutes, in this time 90% of possible impressions are received. 1 or 2 daily posts will be enough on LinkedIn.

Develop enough content to be noticed.

#3. Shareable

Content marketing should aim to be shareable. In this way, your audience or target audience will be the one to transmit the message you have wished. Your content strategy must be irresistible, motivating and impossible to avoid.

Keep in mind that images, videos and infographics are web contents that are easily shared by the information they transmit. Include them in your content marketing strategy.

#4. Connect

The main objective of content marketing is to connect with users. Therefore, the content should engage your target audience and generate engagement. That is, what you share on your blog should reach the potential client at the right time, be useful, feel identified and grateful.

A study published in HubSpot and conducted by BuzzStream and Fractl, where 220,000 post focused on 11 different markets were analyzed, gave the following results as to which ones work best when they are shared.

  • Lists occupied the first place with 22.45%. They deal with particular topics and offer different points on a topic.
  • ‘Why’s’ obtained 22.32%. This type of content focuses attention on the reason or purpose and helps clients understand the reasons why they should do something.
  • Video, with 18.94%, is positioned as one of the best web content to connect with customers. And it is necessary to say it, but we will mention it. Thanks to the video users see you, listen to you and, therefore, connect better with you. For entertainment and education issues are ideal. For example, the YouTube channel Google for your business is a sample of it. There are different educational videos about digital marketing and likewise, different success stories.
  • ‘How’s’ reached 18.42% and are those contents that introduce a problem and lead your users to the solution through step by step.
  • ‘What’s’ obtained 17.88%. It is the most risky content because the key lies in offering added value by making the user understand what it is and, if it can be, why it is needed.

#5. Creativity

You can dare and surprise your audience. That is, content marketing must be creative to present its own content and, at the same time, know how to use third-party posts. This  tip invites you to publish varied content and use different content formats. Of course, from time to time he surprises with attitudes never before used.

#6. Constancy

Content marketing will give you results in the medium and long term. For this reason, proof will be necessary with each action you carry out. In point # 2 of Quantity, you have some statistics and the ideal frequency of publication based on different studies. It will be essential for you to understand that consistency and constancy is crucial in your content marketing.

However, frequency matters, but it is not the most important fact. It is more about the knowledge you have of your clients and determine, starting from them, how much you should publish depending on your content creation.

#7. Quantifiable

This is the most complicated to achieve since it is difficult to know which of the parts of the content marketing strategy is the one that causes the increase in sales.

For this reason, statistics on the Facebook Fan Page should be analyzed. As for Twitter thanks to the platform’s analytics tool, you will be able to see, for each month, the main followers, the main tweets without and with multimedia content. In addition, you will find the summary of a certain month. In other words, you will know which publications have generated the greatest number of conversions, likes and shares.

As for your website, thanks to the analysis of your networks you will get to know which are the posts that get the most impact. In this way, you can make adjustments to your content strategy for social networks and provide relevance to those with the greatest impact.