If you want to know what content for LinkedIn works, you have come to the right place.

Linkedin is a network of professionals that has more than 400 million users according to the report of the first quarter of this year delivered by this famous professional network.

In 2016, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn’s rights for $ 26.2 billion.

This platform has shown growth and has become a powerful channel to share valuable information. But which valuable information? Many marketing professionals, managers and directors, among others, wonder what type of content for linkedin works on this platform.

It is worth talking about the multiple opportunities that LinkedIn offers to professionals and companies. Knowing this, you will get a clearer idea and it will be easier to define the types of content that work on the platform:

Content opportunities for linkedin:

  • Connect with other professionals (networking).
  • Enhance your personal brand.
  • Hypersegmentation.
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Generate leads.
  • Job offers and hiring.
  • A good management of this platform will bring you closer to success.
  • Use linkedin as a content distribution platform.

According to a Hubspot report, LinkedIn is almost 300% more effective than other social networks in generating leads. You should take your professional profile very seriously in this network, and like other social platforms, define the strategy to share your content in it.

First steps

Before sharing content through Linkedin you have to segment your audience. Everything starts when you connect with other professionals that are within your target audience.

Besides, join active groups and frequently publish content exclusively of interest to that group. It will always be a good idea to publish content from other websites, news and notes of interest.

 If you are going to be active in this social network, you have the option of creating a group that moves around a specific interest related to your area of ​​work or industry.

Find the companies that move within your market and connect with them by tracking their publications. People who visit your profile will be shown the groups and companies that you follow, this helps to motivate the interest of your visitors to connect with you.

Do not forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile with the keywords you have researched from your buyer person. Put the relevant keywords in your extract, comments in groups, in your professional profile.

LinkedIn has 9 out of 10 in the SEO ranking, this means that if you put the keywords in your profile you have the opportunity to appear in the searches that your potential customers do, both on Google and LinkedIn.

Content types for linkedin

The success on this platform is to share highly relevant content such as reports, news, webinars, tips, infographics, case studies and, of course, job vacancies.

You also have the option to write a post directly on LinkedIn. In this way you will strengthen your personal brand and you can also invite your audience to visit your website or your landing page. To access and, in addition, succeed, you must change the language of your profile to English.


Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to LinkedIn to observe the information that is shared. Thus, you will be able to identify trends and you will also discover the information that interests your target audience.

Publish at least 2 times a day content for linkedin. Always share relevant information. Keep in mind that you can share content from other media and other content of your own. When you share information remember to write a text that contains one of the keywords and make calls to action.

Some recommendations to publish content on LinkedIn, do it…:

  • On the timeline.
  • The groups you have joined.
  • On your company’s page.
  • Share valuable content by private messages.
  • Make comments that add value with your content.

Errors to avoid when you share content for LinkedIn

1. Incomplete profile

It is important that the profile of your account has as much information as possible. When you share content most of the time the user visits your profile to learn about your personal brand and your company.

It is important that the profile of your account has as much information as possible. When you share content most of the time the user visits your profile to learn about your personal brand and your company.

A full profile has a professional profile picture, and on your company page you should have the logo. It is also important to put contact numbers and your emails. If you share very relevant content, they may want to contact you.

2. Post personal things

Remember that LinkedIn is a network of professionals. Do not post when you go on vacation, family photos or your parties. Avoid using this profile at all costs for these things. Remember that this is the most efficient platform to capture sales opportunities and this is achieved by sharing valuable and very professional content.

3. Do not customize the images you are going to share

Sharing images is a good idea, such as infographics. The bad idea is to upload them without giving them a photo description.

Hope this post has been useful for you! Do you have any other recommendations?


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