Vimeo Announces the Creation of Royalty Free Video Bank

Vimeo Stock is a marketplace of videos. Now, this platform will allow the purchase of licenses for the use of personalized clips for its use in campaigns and creative pieces.

Vimeo, the platform for hosting and sharing videos, has invested heavily in recent months in its strategy of diversifying offers to continue conquering the creative community around the world.

As if the introduction of live-streaming on the site in April of this year was not enough, through the creation of the Vimeo OTT service, the company announced the creation of a marketplace for its own videos, Vimeo Stock.

How does Vimeo Stock work?

Following the already consolidated model of image banks, the Vimeo Stock offer has the right to videos from the payment of royalties.

The announced clips are categorized into two types:

  1. Clips on demand: personalized videos by project.
  2. Non-exclusive clips: videos already ready on the platform and available for anyone to acquire them.

In addition to that, it is possible to filter by the duration of the clips, quality, themes, if they are optimized or not for 360 and what type of Creative Commons license they have.

What is the price of Vimeo Stock?

You should be asking yourself: how much does a video royalty free of Vimeo cost?

According to what was announced by the company, the prices depend both on the two categories mentioned above and on the quality of the videos. For example:

Non-exclusive HD clips cost $ 79, while 4K formats cost $ 199. The exclusive contents, on the other hand, have a slightly higher price, $ 299 in HD and $ 499 in 4K.

It is worth remembering that who is already a member of the community of the site is entitled to a 20% discount on all purchases in the bank, in addition to being able to count on the free rights for the commercial use of these visual contents.

Even talking about values, as the videos are produced by professional freelancers, it is worth mentioning that these people will also receive about 60 to 70% of the profits generated by the sale of the clips, a much higher average than what is paid to the producers. of other banks, which stay with more or less with 30%.

What are the competitive advantages of that bank?

In addition to a more interesting return for freelancers, another great differential of Vimeo Stock is the amount of content differentiated from what is generally available in the other existing banks, fleeing quite a bit from the aesthetic that we see there.

On the launch page of the marketplace, some very interesting collections were announced, ranging from the most commercial style such as:

Other more unusual and experimental categories how are you here:

What did you think of this novelty? Do you think Vimeo Stock will succeed?