Shadowban on Instagram: Know the Restriction and learn to Avoid it

Instagram is a social network that, increasingly, is taking space and collaborating with the growth of brands throughout the world. Their users continue to increase and for this reason the rules were changing.

how to avoid shadowban
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Instagram is a social network that, increasingly, is taking space and collaborating with the growth of brands throughout the world. Their users continue to increase and for this reason the rules were changing.

When Instagram was created, its operation was quite simple, the publications that were seen in the timeline appeared in chronological order. Little by little the application was evolving and a slightly more complex algorithm was developed, allowing the posts supposedly more relevant to the user who sees them, to be the first to appear.

However, this was not all that changed on the platform, with the new developments the shadowban arose, do not you know what it is? Do not worry, because that’s what I’m going to explain to you now.


What is shadowban?

It’s the restriction that Instagram places on your account so your posts do not have the total visibility you usually had. It’s how Instagram limits the exposure of your account due to some behavior that the application considers incorrect.

If your account is under shadowban effects, your posts will appear less for your followers, your hashtags will become undetectable and your stories will not be seen normally by users, therefore, your account will notably lose exposure and it will be much more difficult for you. get followers because your content will stop appearing to those who do not follow you.

How to avoid shadowban?

As I mentioned earlier the shadowban occurs because the application considers that you have done something wrong, therefore, check if you are not doing something in the wrong way (you may be doing it without knowing it). Some of the most frequent reasons for shadowban are the following:

Use prohibited hashtags

There are hashtags prohibited by Instagram, to know if the hashtag you want to use is prohibited or you can not do the following:

  1. Start Instagram.
  2. Place the hashtag you want to use in the search box.
  3. Click on the hashtag
  4. Go to the end of the results and if it is prohibited, a message will appear that says that recent posts in this hashtag are hidden because their content may not comply with the rules of Instagram.

In this case, you already know that it is better not to use that hashtag so as not to suffer shadowban.

Always use the same hashtags

If you always use the same hashtag, the Instagram algorithm can consider it as spam, therefore, the use of hashtags varies constantly.

Buy followers

As you well know this is not a healthy practice neither for the algorithm nor for your brand and it will not bring you any benefit, therefore, do not do it.

Use programs that go against Instagram rules

Be careful with the applications that you authorize on Instagram. Do not use bots or applications to attract followers, you should only authorize applications to which you have total confidence.

Violate the limits of Instagram

Instagram has limits and if you violate them you will receive the shadowban. To avoid this inconvenience it is good that you are aware of what these limits are per hour:

  • Follow or stop following more than 200 accounts.
  • Comment 60 times
  • Give 100 likes.

Ideally, you should not reach half of these numbers, so be very careful so that your actions are not considered spam.

Be reported by other users

If you are reported by other users you can not only receive the shadowban, but you can even suspend your account. Then be very careful and follow the rules of Instagram to avoid this risk.

If you have noticed a minor interaction with your audience you may be suffering from shadowban. Continue reading so you know how to confirm if you are being penalized in this way.

How to find out if your account received the shadowban?

To know if your account has been penalized with shadowban you can connect to an account with which you do not follow the profile you want to analyze. In the case that you follow it from that profile, you can stop following it temporarily or ask a friend to do it.

Place in the search options a hashtag that you have put in a recent publication, choose a hashtag that is little used to make it easier to find your publication.

If you can not find your content, it’s because your account has shadowban.

What to do to undo the shadowban?

If your account has shadowban in the first place you must correct what you are doing incorrectly.

If you have used forbidden hashtags or always the same ones you must delete them and not use them any more in the future. Leave only the necessary hashtags.

In case you have used an application considered spam, delete it. For this you must enter the option “Authorized Applications” and verify which of them is what caused the shadowban. Once detected, simply click on “Remove Access” and that’s it.

If you have doubts with any of your content, delete it, in this way you do not run the risk of returning the shadowban.

Once you have made all the necessary corrections, forget your account for two or three days, do not even enter it. After this time you can enter again and make your posts and interact normally with your followers, but remember, always following the rules mentioned so that it does not happen again.

If you make all the corrections and wait for the informed time, without even entering your account, the problem persists, I recommend you contact Instagram and ask for help. For this you must follow the following steps:

  1. Start Instagram
  2. Click on “Help”
  3. Then click on “Help on troubleshooting or login”
  4. And enter “Something is not working”
  5. Click on “Report a problem” and explain it.

Social networks are a great ally to create a good brand image, we must use them correctly to take advantage of all their benefits in our favor.

Instagram can help us a lot to position ourselves in front of our audience, that’s why knowing how to use this network correctly is fundamental.


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