Facebook Carousel: Do you Know What is It for and How to Use It?

Ads and publications on Facebook are excellent allies for any digital marketing strategy. Facebook Carousel will help you with it!

facebook carousel
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Ads and publications on Facebook are excellent allies for any digital marketing strategy. Facebook Carousel will help you with it!

By its public and its potential scope, it is possible to make known a certain product or service, and also generate calls to make purchases, visit websites, among others.

One of the most versatile formats to make this type of publications is the Facebook carousel. I will tell you what it is, what it is for and how to start using it to generate the results you expect. Keep reading!

Facebook carousel concept

The concept of carousel arises from the constant rotation of images that this type of advertisement allows. In it, it is possible to add up to 5 images to give a global idea about your product. The good point about this feature is that it also allows you to place 5 different URLs in the images.

The public that sees the advertisement created in this format, can interact with it from their computer, by clicking on the arrows on the screen, or also from a mobile device, by sliding the finger on the screen. Without a doubt, this type of interaction makes your ad more dynamic and attractive.

This format is also available to make ads on Instagram, so if the social network is within your marketing strategy, you can also invest in the format of Carousel there.

It is important to remember that within the ad platform, this format will appear with the name “Format by sequence”.

One of the advantages of using it is that you will not be charged more, since Facebook gives you the option to choose how much to spend, and visualize exactly why things are going to be charged.

What is the utility of creating an ad in carousel format?

Obviously, this type of ads can work more for certain types of business than for others.

Some of the reasons why it is useful to use this format are:

  • Show several images of different possible ads.
  • Make a detailed sample of a product or service, such as E-Commerce products.
  • Tell a story through the sequence of images.
  • If you have discovered that your person constantly uses social networks, the interaction with this ad format will come very well.
  • By offering quality content, Facebook users and followers can interact more with your brand by offering more content.

How to create an ad or a publication in this format?

There are two ways to create this type of publication or content: from your page or from the ad manager. I will tell you with details how to do it from each one:

To create a carousel from your business page

In the “Create publication” selection box, click on Photo / Video; (insert screenshot2)

  1. Select the option “Create photo sequence”; (insert screenshot3)
  2. Enter the destination URL; (insert screenshot4)
  3. There are two options: select the images that Facebook has imported from the URL or upload the images you want;
  4. After defining the images, you can link each of them to a URL that you think is ideal for the related content. In this way, people who click will find valuable content in their interest;
  5. Enter the text that will accompany the publication, it is important that it be short and forceful, that is, that invites to perform a certain action with the published images;
  6. You are ready! Now you can publish. Remember that Facebook gives you the option to promote the publication to reach people who are not followers of your page. If you do not have how to invest in an ad, there is no problem, you can start testing this type of publication.

To create a carousel as an announcement from the Ad Manager

  1. Important: you must have an account enabled for the creation of ads that has a valid payment method;
  2. Go to the ad manager;
  3. Click on “Create” and you will be able to access the guided process to make this first announcement;
  4. When choosing a goal, keep in mind that it must be compatible with interaction formats;
  5. Facebook gives you the option to organize the images according to their performance, here it is important to consider if you are going to prioritize or not some of the products that will be announced, if you do not wish to do so, you must unmark the box: [Automatically show the images with the best results first];
  6. By default it will allow you to select 3 images, but you can add two more, it will also allow you to associate the URL to each image; (insert screenshot 6)
  7. Click on confirm to finish.


Ads and publications in Facebook carousel format, allow greater interaction by users, as well as greater versatility if you want to tell a story or show different products or services.

Remember that you must always take into account the planning before starting a campaign and the knowledge of the person who will consume the content you are going to offer.

This is just one of several ways you have to promote your business through social networks.


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