How to make your digital agency generate value in the Age of AI

The AI ​​looks like a beast that will destroy the reign of software and wonder who is next. How to stand out in that future? How can agencies add value from this moment, when there are still incredible opportunities.

make your digital agency generate value
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Is the software still conquering the world? At least in 2018, yes, it is. And, specifically, the business world has been almost completely conquered. According to Gartner, business software revenues are expected to reach $ 381 billion and grow 8.6% in 2018. Continued growth is also expected in the adoption of centralized data systems, devices, IT services and IT services. communications, of which it is projected to reach a value of $ 3.598 billion this year.

Do you have any idea how many companies are already adopting these advances?

In May 2017, Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia said that although the software is already conquering the world, the AI ​​is going to beat the software:

“… we can not ignore the impact of a technology that offers 10 to 1,000 times better results,”

Says Huang, speaking about the use of AI in the medical industry.

“[And] I am confident that whoever has common sense will realize the benefits of this technology …”

Alexandra Bruell, of Adage, compared the need for agencies to become a partner that can simplify the fragmentation and data of their clients’ campaigns with the arrival of winter, as in the Game of Thrones series.

“[This] is the perfect metaphor for how agencies should prepare for a future advertising where customers advertise in new ways and seek radically different support from agencies,”

Writes Bruell.

She cites Nick Brien of the digital agency iCrossing, owned by Hearst Corp, which predicts a 25% reduction in the number of people working in the agencies between the next 5 to 10 years as a result of the automation in the creation and distribution of content, as well as the impact of artificial intelligence on administrative work.

The AI ​​looks like a beast that will destroy the reign of software and wonder who is next. How to stand out in that future? How can agencies add value from this moment, when there are still incredible opportunities.

1. Focus on customers

Technology has created a large gap between audiences and media, which means that agencies must accept, and adopt, the evolution of the focus on media-based planning and purchasing, towards audience-based planning and buying.

Audience-based planning and buying is mainly driven by artificial intelligence, so marketers can continue to buy in-house. With the entire focus on audience planning, understanding your audience is the key to success.

The agencies that use artificial intelligence will also be able to overcome those that are drowning in data, since they can use the insights driven by artificial intelligence to identify patterns in the data of their clients and thus, be able to satisfy all those focused clients of results.

2. Focus on simplifying the complex

Years of acquisitions, complementary services and other initiatives that aimed to make agencies more profitable and sophisticated have made working with them more complex.

But automation will make the marketing ecosystem more efficient and effective, in addition to improving the work environment of the employees in the agencies. As AI-driven automation is implemented, agencies can work on the things that customers really appreciate and value most: strategy planning, creativity, ideas and results.

This will lighten the members of your team, freeing them from boring, monotonous and repetitive tasks; helping them to accomplish more tasks in less time, thus improving their performance and productivity.

This change will involve the creation of a new delivery model. Agencies will need to optimize the way they provide services to clients, to make their work methods more flexible and easier, which will place them in an excellent position that will allow them to display the value that brands seek.

3. Take advantage of associations

Agencies do not generally create software.

So, most will choose to partner with the best technology companies to offer their customers all the benefits of AI and its results. Some others will choose to take that great leap alone, and assume the necessary risks to acquire and build their own technological infrastructure. But each one will decide which is the best option for your case.

Those who have focused their competitive advantage on positioning themselves as advisors or consultants to find the best way to integrate and connect effectively in the marketing ecosystem, are precisely in the ideal position to respond and take advantage of the rapid and agile development cycles of the IA and the changing goals of modern brands.


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