Advertising Agency: What it Is and How it Works

“A brand without advertising is a dead brand.”

Advertising Agency
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“A brand without advertising is a dead brand.”

With this phrase, Zaioa Ortega of Procter & Gamble, expresses the importance of advertising today.

This phrase allows us to reflect on the scope that a brand can have with the help of advertising. Logically no one wants to have a dead brand and it is for this reason that every entrepreneur devotes special attention to this department, although often independently.

For this reason you may have some questions: Am I doing a good job with my brand? Could I do a better job? Could you get better results with a different path?

In this post you will know a little more about advertising agencies so you can decide if it was time to have the help of one of them.

Here we go!

What is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is an organization that advises the advertiser in everything related to the execution of an advertising campaign, directed to a specific audience with a predefined budget.

The agency provides its services for the creation, execution and distribution of an advertising campaign. The distribution can be done in traditional media such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc., or it can also be done in digital media such as websites, social networks, blogs, forums…

Which are the professionals working for an advertising agency?

Within an advertising agency, there are several professionals responsible for each stage. Among them the most important are:


They are the professionals within the creation department who are responsible for finding the right vocabulary to persuade clients according to their characteristics.

Art Directors

They are responsible, in the creation department, for creating the visual concept using artistic skills to design the advertisement.

Media planner

He is responsible for selecting the means of communication in which the advertisements will be conveyed, according to the audience to which they are addressed and the advertiser’s budget.

Account executives

They are responsible for making all contact with the advertiser, they are the bridge of communication between the client and the other members of the team in charge of the advertising campaign.

What are the functions of an advertising agency?

The main function of the advertising agencies is to develop a strategy to publicize your brand, your product or your service and position it in the market through the creation of ads, their execution and disclosure.

An advertising agency will help you choose the best way to convey the message you want to reach your audience. They are the best suited to help you select the means by which your ads should be distributed.

What is the difference between an advertising agency and a marketing agency?

After having seen these things about advertising agencies, you may have doubts about the difference between an advertising agency and a marketing agency.

As we have seen, an advertising agency is basically dedicated to creating, executing and distributing an advertising campaign, while a marketing agency goes far beyond that.

The work of a marketing agency starts much earlier. This is dedicated to creating the strategy as a whole, begins by discovering who is the ideal customer and creating the buyer person, determining a communication language and segmenting the public so that the advertising agency can do a good job. Then, it is the marketing agency that makes the accompaniment and analysis of the data and determines the way forward of the campaign according to the results.

As you can see, the work of the advertising agency is complemented by the work of the marketing agency. Therefore, if your company already has a marketing department or a person responsible for this, you only need an advertising agency, otherwise you will first need a marketing agency.

How to choose an advertising agency?

Here are some points you should consider to choose an advertising agency:


A very important point before choosing an advertising agency is to find out if the agency you are considering has already worked with your industry, it is a point in favor if she already knows and understands your market in order to achieve better results


Another very important thing is this point, if the agency works with other companies in your sector, you must be sure that the information of your brand is completely safe.


Campaigns are worked with deadlines and it is essential that the agency strictly comply with them.

Level of professionals

Choose an agency whose professionals are recognized in the market and perform creative work, this last point is essential to obtain better results.

A little bit of history …

Advertising agents emerged, let’s see a little bit of this story …


The first advertising agent known was William Tayler. This professional sold advertising space in the London newspapers.


In this year James White in addition to selling advertising space also began to write ads and thus became the first “copywriter”.


The first advertising agencies were created in London: Newton & Company and Baker & Company, they sold exclusively advertising spaces, they were known as Advertising Agencies.


Volney Palmer opened the first advertising agency (already with this name) in Philadelphia, United States, the agency was called News Paper Agency.


The advertising agency “Calkins” is the first to create a complete plan for an advertising campaign.

From there many things changed about the operation of an advertising agency, but it was all thanks to this natural evolution that occurred until the nineteenth century.


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