What is an Anechoic Chamber?

The anechoic chamber, is a room that has been created and designed in such a way that it absorbs in its entirety the acoustic waves of sound and electromagnetic waves on any of its surfaces.

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In the usual environment, we are always subjected in one way or another to some type of sound or noise. However, an isolated space has been created in such a way that, thanks to its design, all the sounds of space are absorbed. In this way, you could not hear anything inside, not even a human whisper, which is encrypted around 10 decibels. It is the anechoic chamber, and it is a space isolated from any sound.


The anechoic chamber, is a room that has been created and designed in such a way that it absorbs in its entirety the acoustic waves of sound and electromagnetic waves on any of its surfaces, regardless of the space in which they are. Likewise, the anechoic chamber is isolated from the outside, which means that no external noise or sound will enter it.

The combination of these two factors is that they create a series of acoustic conditions that would occur properly in a free field and alien to any effect or sound influence. The frequency range of the anechoic chamber is usually around 200 Hz and 20 kHz, as well as with 95% sound absorption.

Design of the anechoic chamber

This room is designed with the aim of reducing, as much as possible, the reflection of any sound. The design involves an architecture designed in the form of pyramid wedges, as well as the use of materials that absorb sound, such as fiberglass or foam. What contributes to the acoustic waves can not penetrate inside.


In addition, the anechoic chamber also isolates the radio frequencies because they have a metal shield that has been specifically designed for this purpose. Electromagnetic waves are different from acoustic waves despite being waves likewise.

In this way, they need a series of different characteristics that can prevent the passage of electromagnetic waves inside the camera.


One of the most famous anechoic chambers is one that was created by Orfield Laboratories, located in the United States. This anechoic chamber became famous because in 2012 it entered the Guinness Book of Records thanks to being the first camera capable of absorbing 99.99% of sounds. Which meant that it had noise levels of -9.4 decibels.

Silence and the human body

However, one of the most interesting elements that have been observed in this type of cameras is how they affect the human being. In fact, it is considered that a stay within them that could exceed 45 minutes would have very negative effects for a human being.

The conclusion reached by scientists and researchers is that the human brain is not prepared for absolute silence. This is because the human brain needs to hear some kind of sound, even if it is ambient sound. In fact, the tension that can lead to subjecting the human brain to absolute silence would lead to madness because, when the sound of a room is completely eliminated, the ear will do everything possible to hear a new sound.

In fact, in the absence of external sounds, our own body becomes the only source of sound, so they begin to hear the heartbeat and the sound of internal organs. This has effects on our mental balance, so a stay of more than 45 minutes inside this camera would entail a mental state close to madness.

Microsoft experiments with the anechoic chamber

One of the experiments with this type of cameras was the one carried out by Microsoft in its own camera, built in the 87th Building of its own headquarters. The objective was to carry out a hardware experiment with which they could check the power of their equipment. In this way, they set a new record in 2015, when the background noise was measured at -20.6 decibels, which approximates what is known as the silence at the edge of physics.

Find more about it in this video:

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